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Vaporesso is a company that produces easy-to-use, stylish and practical electronic cigarettes. Older than the other e-cigarette makers, Vaporesso was founded in 2006 in Shenzhen, China. Vaporesso is the oldest e-cigarette maker and is followed by Joyetech Company, founded in 2007. Vaporesso is an electronic cigarette maker aiming to raise the standards in the use of e-cigarettes, which has got the patent of licensed 300 parts which are frequently used in the electronic cigarettes produced by the companies themselves. Vaporesso is only interested in producing parts such as e-cigarettes, atomizer tanks, mod bodies.

Target Mini, preferred by MTL (electronic cigarette) electronic cigarettes, stands out with models like Vaporesso Switcher, Vaporesso Revenger and Vaporesso Revenger X with its technological interface and stylish body. Vaporesso is very popular among professional e-cigarette users with mod electronic cigarette lid, also known as Tarot. Gemini, Veco, Cascade, NRG and Guardian series stand out in Firman's atomizer tank models.

Vaporesso Revenger X, one of the most popular models of the company, is a modular body that can reach up to 220 watts. The mode electronic cigarette, which also has a touchscreen, is a rival to the SMOK Alien 220 Watt, which is very popular on the market. The Vaporesso Swag Kit comes as a competing box-mode electronic cigarette model, competing against the SMOK AL85 model.

Those who are new to electronic cigarette can easily choose e-cigarette models with high price / quality performance of Vaporesso Company. Vaporesso's stylish, practical and ideally priced products will help you on your e-cigarette journey. Vaporesso Turkey shop Elektronik Sigara Evi

Brand: Vaporesso Model: vprso-rvngr-x
Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Description WritingMeet the next step in electronic cigarette smoking. The Revenger X Kit, with its unique body-mounted display, two 18650 battery shafts, the Notch Coil system, a top-loading 5-ml tank and most importantly the Omni 2.2 Chip Structure, is what you can see at ..
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Vaporesso Gen 220W Kit Vaporesso Gen 220W Kit
Label -5 %
Vaporesso Target Mini Starter Kit Small Smart Electronic Cigarette Vaporesso Target Mini Starter Kit Small Smart Electronic Cigarette
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Brand: Vaporesso Model: trgt-mini-ss
Vaporesso Target Mini Starter KitMore and more electronic cigarettes are in the hands of the user you are curious about the modal electronic cigarette models, but if you have concerns, that's a great opportunity for you! The Vaporesso Target Mini Starter Kit, as its name implies, is a modal electron..
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Brand: Vaporesso Model: vaporesso-aurora
Vaporesso Aurora Specifications-Dimensions: 78,8 mm x 43,7 mm x 15,5 mm-2 mL Liquid Capacity-Easy Push-Fill System-1,3 ohm (10 watt)-650 mAh battery..
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Brand: Vaporesso Model: vapresso-rvngr-mini
Vaporesso Revenger Mini KitElectronic cigarette world's most popular electronic cigarette kit is smaller for you! Moreover, the Vaporesso Revenger has become both very light and extremely ergonomic. The Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit is a very electronic cigarette kit with a very ergonomic and performa..
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Brand: Vaporesso Model: vaporesso-swag
Vaporesso Swag Kit Electronic CigaretteBox Mode If you are among the best, here is the Vaporesso Swag Kit Electronic Cigarette. This newest device from Vaporesso, which E-cigarettes are familiar with and likes their products, will satisfy all users who expect steam density and small dimensions from ..
349.90TL 369.90TL
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Brand: Vaporesso Model: vprso-armr-pro
he Vaporesso Armour Pro 100W TC Starter Kit deploys a highly advanced OMNI Board 4.0 Chip with serious power output and minimal firing delay, utilizing a single 18650/20700/21700 battery to pair with the Cascade Baby Sub-Ohm Tank. The Armour Pro 100W is constructed to be a compact single 2..
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Brand: Vaporesso Model: vprso-gt-ccell
Compatible Models :Vaporesso Revenger..
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Brand: Vaporesso Model: vprso-gt4-coil
Compatible Models :Vaporesso Revenger..
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