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amazzone - Barum Clove and Tobacco

amazzone - Barum Clove and Tobacco
amazzone - Barum Clove and Tobacco
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VG / PG30 PG / 70 VG
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Amazzone Barum Premium Liquid

Amazzone, which electronic cigarette lovers do not drop by their hands, is much more comfortable with new electronic cigarette liquids with a high vegetarian glycerol content. Amazzone Barum is a premium electronic cigarette liquid composed of 70% VG, ie, 30% of the vegetarian glycerin and propylene glyceride. Amazone Barum reaches you with a special 30 ml bottle. The special box of the liquid prevents the bottle from leaking out. Amazzone Barum is an electronic cigarette liquid with clove and tobacco flavor and is an electronic cigarette liquid you can mix with other electronic cigarette liquors if you do not want to. Domestic tobacco flavors are often used in electronic cigarette liquors. These liquids are usually called "Turkish Tobacco". Ammazone Barum also has the aroma of carnation and native tobacco. Amazone Barum has a 30 ml bottle with diacetyl-free heat-protected aroma, a special drop and child protection.

Amazzone Barum Product Features:

  • Amazzone Barum is a carnation and tobacco aroma consisting of 30% PG and 70% VG.
  • Amazzone Barum has a 30 ml Dropped Bottle in its Special Box. At the same time, the bottle has a child-proof cover.
  • Amazone Barum has a heat protected Aroma and does not contain Diacetyl.
  • Liquid Intensive Steam And A Rich Aroma.

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