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Cosmic Fog Sonset 60ml Liquid

Cosmic Fog Sonset 60ml  Liquid
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Cosmic Fog Sonset 60ml Liquid
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Cosmic Fog Sonset (Caramel And Japanese Pear Aroma)

The Cosmic Fog Sonset, with its Japanese Nashi Armoudu and French Creme Brulée flavors, is a premium premium electronic cigarette liquor that you can not find in any other liquid manufacturer. If you think you have other liquid producers besides the same aroma you are very wrong. Cosmic Fog Sonset is very different.

Before touching on the basic features of the Cosmic Fog Sonset, let's learn the Créme Brulée, the predominant flavor of the liquid flavor. In fact, this unique milky sweet very similar to ours, which is also called "baked rice pudding" and "cream caramel", is a kind of pudding - rice pudding. But the top part of the puddle was burned, so the dessert took this name. The famous Japanese Nashi Armoudu is very similar to the sandy armu which we know from many angles. Cosmic Fog Sonset, pear and custard flavored premium liquid content? In a big way, yes.

Cosmic Fog Sonset is a premium electronic cigarette liquitice with 70% VG and 30% PG ratio. This unique flavor content is stored in a 60 ml special sunlight-free bite. Cosmic Fog Sonset, which offers you a suitable use thanks to its child-resistant cover and special dropper, is waiting for you with 3 to 6 nicotine-containing varieties on our site. Due to its high VG content, the premium liquid content, which provides extremely dense steam, also has a comfortable draw. Cosmic Fog Sonset, which will satisfy you with its consistency, gourmet users who want to discover different tastes are waiting on our site.

Cosmic Fog Sonset Features:

  • Cosmic Fog Sonset is Sweetened with Japanese Arm and Créme Brulée Flavor.
  • Cosmic Fog Sonset has 70% VG and 30% PG ratio. Thus, it has a Successful Consistency, Intensive Steaming Feature and a Comfortable Draw.
  • Cosmic Fog Sonset 60 ML sunlight is stored on a special eyelash.
  • Cosmic Fog Sonset Has Different Nicotine Grades. 0 - 3 - 6 - 9 You can find Cosmic Fog Sonset Types with Nicotine.
  • Cosmic Fog Sonset Has A Slightly Sweet Taste.
  • Cosmic Fog Sonset Has A Different And Unique Aroma.

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