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Pod System Electronic Cigarette Liquids ( Salt Nicotine Liquid )

Pure liquid is a type of e-cigarette liquid because it is in the pod electronic cigarette model. The development time in salt liquid contents is carried out with a natural ingredient called “nicotine salt,. Since the atomic structure of nicotine is very similar to table salt, pod system e-liquids also use this name. However, liquids are mildly sweet in flavor and have different aromas.

The salt liquids used for pod e-cigarette models and used for pod system electronic cigarette systems contain nicotine higher than a standard e-liquid or premium liquid. The pod design was brought to steam formation with a lower wattage value, salt liquids are being offered there with the steam level which is lower than the need for nicotine. This results in higher salt nicotine content. Today, standard e-liquid and premium liquids are produced with a maximum of 1.8 mg of nicotine. Salt liquids are 30 mg - 50 mg. In salt liquids, unlike premium and standard e-liquids, the nicotine value is expressed in%, not mg. 3% or 5% nic salt (nicotine salt) add-on is available in the city's salt liquid, while the salt system, also known as pod system electronic cigarette liquid, needs to be higher.

What Is Nic Salt And MTL?

Nic Salt comes from the nicotine salt obtained and is obtained from a natural substance where tobacco leaves are located. Salt time salt is added to the salt liquid content and thus provides an intense smoking experience to pod e-cigarette users. MTL is called outh Mouth To Lung ve and is about preparing an ohm above 1.0. Salt is essential for MTL in pod systems.

How to Use Salt Liquids?

Since salt liquids contain higher levels of nicotine, they keep these liquids away from sunlight. The high level of nicotine also makes contact with the skin or direct drinking of this liquid at risk to health. Salt liquids here should be there if small children can not reach, by filling the pods. Salt liquids with very rich nicotine efficiency offer less usage. Moreover, the e-cigarette entering your body is less vapor. Today salt salt contents of the pod can be filled with liquid in the pod with you again.

Nasty Juice Trap Queen 30ML Salt Likit Nasty Juice Trap Queen 30ML Salt Likit
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Brand: Nasty Juice Model: nasty-juice-slow-blow-salt
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Brand: Ruthless Model: RTLS-EDİ
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Brand: Cuttwood Model: Cuttwood-Unicorn-Milk-Salt
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Ruthless Ez Duz İt Salt Likit 50 MG Salt Likit
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