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Pod System Electronic Cigarette

The pod system electronic cigarette models, which represent the latest point of the electronic cigarette world, provide you with many benefits in daily use. In addition to being small, the pod system electronic cigarettes that generate steam using nicotine salt containing liquids, also known as pure liquids, produce a maximum of 25 - 30 watts of steam. Vapor is very rich in nicotine and provides nicotine from tobacco cigarettes.

Many pod system electronic cigarette models are extremely small in size. The small size makes pod systems easier to use, especially by women. Another usage advantage is that the pod system electronic cigarette models are not used with 18650 batteries. The stationary battery makes pod systems both small in size, easy to recharge and small.

Nowadays, pod system electronic cigarette models can be divided into three main classes as coil replaceable models, pod part in liquid cartridge can be filled with liquid only, and pod structure and liquid reservoir integrated models in pod cartridge. The biggest factor in the fact that pod systems take this name is the use of the term “pod için for the word“ cartridge “.

What are the Advantages of Pod Electronic Cigarette Use?

Pod System Electronic Cigarette Models do not leak liquid. Most of the time, a Pod Cigarette Cartridge has a liquid reservoir of maximum 2 - 3.5 ml and the cartridges do not leak liquid most of the time, the amount of liquid flowing in case of leakage is very low.

Pod E-Cigarette Models Are Small. However, most Pod Systems have a Battery Level comparable to a Box Mode. Most of the time this value can be 1100 mAh or 650 mAh.

Small - Rechargeable Battery Means Most Pod Electronic Cigarettes Are Very But Very Small. Today Most Pod E-Cigarette Models Enjoy A Paint Under 100mm And Can Be Easily Portable In Bags Or Pockets.

Pod Electronic Cigarette Explosion News or User Complaint about our country or the world did not come up. Pod Systems can also be used by users who have not previously used e-cigarettes.

Pod Electronic Cigarette Models We Offer You A Drink Shape Also Called MTL. This E-cigarette, which means smoking, often offers a smoking resistance above 1.0 Ohm. It gives an effective sore throat and gives a very similar, same feeling to tobacco cigarettes.

Pod Systems do not need Coil Winding, Watt Value Adjustment, Rechargeable Battery Selection and Other Mode Electronic Cigarette Settings. Most Pod System Cartridges Work When Ready and Inserted into a Charged Battery Body.

Smok İnfinix 1 + İnfinix Cartridge + 1 Big Boss Liquid Smok İnfinix 1 + İnfinix Cartridge + 1 Big Boss Liquid
Label -21 %
Brand: Smok Model: infinix-kampanya
Smok Infinix Pod Electronic CigaretteThe SMOK Infinix pod electronic cigarette is referred to as Portable Ultra Portable ”on many sites and sold to consumers. There are many different factors that play a role in the name of the product. Extremely small yet useful, the Infinix Pod is lightweight and ..
269.00TL 339.00TL
Ex Tax:269.00TL
Brand: Smok Model: s-mico-pod
SMOK MICO 26W Pod System Electronic CigaretteThe SMOK MICO 26W pod e-cigarette model, which is produced with a flat body for easy carrying in the pocket or in the eyes of the bags, is very similar to the SMOK Rolo Badge model in terms of design features. In addition, the SMOK MICO pod system electro..
239.90TL 259.90TL
Ex Tax:239.90TL
Brand: Smok Model: SN
Smok Nord 15W Pod TeamOf course, it was unthinkable for SMOK to remain unanswered. With its 15 Watt power, SMOK has managed to separate pod electronic cigarettes from pod e-cigarette devices by adding options that are rare. Smok Nord 15W Pod Kit. As you talk about the technical details, you will und..
249.90TL 299.00TL
Ex Tax:249.90TL
Brand: Eleaf Model: e-i-pod-kit
254.90TL 269.90TL
Ex Tax:254.90TL
Brand: JustFog Model: jstfg-mnft
JustFog Minifit Elektronik Sigara..
179.00TL 209.90TL
Ex Tax:179.00TL
Brand: Juul Model: juul-starter-kit-usa
Kutu içeriğin'de 2 adet kartuş çıkmaktadır...
369.90TL 389.90TL
Ex Tax:369.90TL
Uwell Caliburn Pod System Uwell Caliburn Pod System
-10 % Out of Stock
Brand: Uwell Model: uwell-caliburn
269.00TL 300.00TL
Ex Tax:269.00TL
Brand: Smok Model: smok-nord-coil-ve-baslik-seti
 Kutu İçeriği :-1 adet Nord Başlık-2 adet Nord Mesh Coil (1x 1.4 ohm + 1x 0.6 ohm)..
99.90TL 109.90TL
Ex Tax:99.90TL
Brand: Smok Model: Smok-novo2
SMOK Novo 2 Pod System E-CigaretteThe next version of SMOK Novo, one of SMOK's flagships in the pod system e-cigarette market, the SMOK Novo 2 pod e-cigarette is a pod system electronic cigarette model that uses a pod cartridge. It is recommended to use pure liquid in pod system e cigarettes.The pod..
249.90TL 279.90TL
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