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Brand: JustFog Model: jstfg-mnft
JustFog Minifit Elektronik Sigara..
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Brand: JustFog Model: jstfg-c601-krts
Original replacement cartridge for Justfog C601 pod mod. The box contains 3 empty original replacement cartridges.JUSTFOG C601 Replacement Pod Features:Refillable Pod System - Replaceable Cartridge1.7mL Maximum Liquid Capacity1.6ohm Atomizer CoilDouble Bottom Feed FillingPlug-in Connection..
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Brand: JustFog Model: jstfg-mnft-kartus
JUSTFOG MINIFIT Replacement Pod Cartridges feature a cleverly designed 1.5 mL liquid refillable capsule with a simple sub-fill method for a wide range of delicious SaltNicotine. The atomizer core is integrated into the capsule using an organic cotton 1.6ohm coil which is closed to provide optimum st..
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Brand: JustFog Model: jstfg-q16-kit
Product IntroductionQ16 Starter Kit is a new pen style vaping device from JUSTFOG, which includes a built-in 900mAh J-Easy 9 battery and 1.9ml Q16 clearomizer. With a mouth & lung inhalation coil, easy bottom airflow control, bottom filling design, 8 level varies voltage function and a..
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JUSTFOG C601 - Pod System Kit JUSTFOG C601 - Pod System Kit
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Brand: JustFog Model: jstfog-c601-pod
The JUSTFOG C601 Ultra Portable Pod Kit is an ingenious all-in-one pod system featuring an integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery, refillable 1.7mL bottom-fill pods, and an utilitarian swivel cap. The design of the swivel piece is suitable for lanyards or safely enclosing the pod..
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JUSTFOG Q16 Pro Starter Kit 900mAh JUSTFOG Q16 Pro Starter Kit 900mAh
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