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Innovation Flavours Ramona Liquid

Innovation Flavours Ramona Liquid
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Innovation Flavours Ramona Liquid
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Innovation Ramona (Tropical Fruit)

Innovation Ramona is a wonderful electronic cigarette liquid with tropical fruit flavor. Innovation Ramona electronic cigarette is an electronic cigarette liquid consisting entirely of VG. If you wish this wonderful electronic cigarette lighter you can use it by mixing it with other electronic cigarette liquids. Innovation Ramona is waiting for you in 30 ml bottles with special child protection. Innovation Ramona electronic cigarette liquitice is also an electronic cigarette with a rating of 6 and 3 mg nicotine and extremely tasty and comfortable to drink.

Innovation Ramona Features:

Innovation Ramona has a 100% VG rate.

Innovation Ramona Hides in 30 ml Special Children's Protective Bits.

Innovation Ramona 6 and 3 mg Nicotine Includes.

Innovation Ramona A Sweet Liquid And Tropical Fruit Aromalıdır.

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