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Innovation Flavours Loreto Liquid

Innovation Flavours Loreto Liquid
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Innovation Flavours Loreto Liquid
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Innovation Loreto (Mango And Banana Aroma)

Innovation Loreto is a very good and useful electronic cigarette liquid that is easy to drink with 100% VG ratio and can be easily mixed with other electronic cigarette liquids. This wonderful liquid is sweet and sweet with mango - banana flavor. If you want to have Innovation Loreto, which is a very pleasant fragrant and delicious electronic cigarette liquita, you can now order it on our site. Innovation Loreto has a 30 ml child-proof bottle. The liquid nicotine ratio is 3 and 6 mg and you can use this wonderful liquidity by mixing with other liquids.

Innovation Loreto Properties:

Innovation Loreto has a 100% VG rate.

Innovation Loreto is kept in 30 ml Special Children's Protective Bits.

Innovation Loreto 3 and 6 mg Nicotine Includes.

Innovation Loreto Marlboro Mango And Banana Aroma.

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