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Smok G-Priv - TFV8 Baby Electronic Cigarette

Smok G-Priv - TFV8 Baby Electronic Cigarette
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Smok G-Priv - TFV8 Baby Electronic Cigarette
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Battery18650 Battery
Screw Connection510
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G - Priv And TFV8 Baby Electronic Cigarette Kit
ElectronicSigaraevi.US, which is closely followed by electronic cigarette users in our country, has brought together the two most powerful products of electronic cigarette world for you. What are these products? SMOK G - Priv, the highest point that an electronic cigarette battery mod body can come up with, and SMOK TFV8 Baby, one of the most successful models that come to mind in terms of an atomizer tank.
If you want to go beyond the limits, here is a great combination. With this combination, you will have a steam capacity, aroma sharpness and enjoyment beyond the borders. There is no need to mention the quality of SMOK. G - Priv is a modal battery shell that is already beyond the limits of its features. TFV8 Baby, again produced by SMOK, is an atomizer tank at the upper end. Just think about what combination you will get when two things come together. What are the features of these two great products?

SMOK TVF8 Baby Atomizer Tank
SMOK TFV8 Baby is one of the most successful atomizer tanks you can find on the market. A 22 mm diameter stainless steel atomizer tank model. SMOK TVF8 Baby is an atomizer tank with 3 ml glass tanks and ready-to-use coil when required, and one of the most successful and most sought-after atomizer tanks in its class.

SMOK G - Priv Mod Battery Case
SMOK G - Priv is a mode battery bat well ahead of a mode battery. SMOK G - Priv Mod Battery Dock is a battery mount beyond the borders and is multifunctional. SMOK G - Priv is a modular battery enclosure with 220 watts power.