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Delirium Swiss + Slim V2 Electronic Cigarette

Delirium Swiss + Slim V2 Electronic Cigarette
Delirium Swiss + Slim V2 Electronic Cigarette
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Delirium Swiss + Slim V2 Electronic Cigarette
Delirium Swiss + Slim V2 Electronic Cigarette
Delirium Swiss + Slim V2 Electronic Cigarette
Product Features
Battery650 mAh
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  • Model: swiss-slim-v2
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Delirium Swiss Slim V2 Electronic Cigarette

Delirium which launched in 2016 the Swiss Slim V2, which was released earlier after the Swiss Slim model in a way that has been upgraded with a new design and coils are offered to the user. The unique design as well as 650 mAh battery and 1.6 ohms are made from 100% organic cotton mujer japanese coils of the BVC (titles) and giving a great smoke taste and experience. Justfog the 1453 model, although very alike, have raised the bar Delirium material and a step towards labor situation. Drip product is designed to be fully compatible with a structure type structure does not bother while keeping your lips and prevents the formation of stains and residue in the mouth. All eGo batteries and is working in a manner consistent with the atomizer tank. When charging batteries with other ego as ego career again screwing the system can charge with Battery Charger, Battery Charger can buy your ego, or by clicking here.

Product Features

1 Piece Swiss 650mAh Delirium V2 ego Slim Battery

1 Piece 1.6 ohms Delirium BVC Swiss Slim V2 atomizer coil (Title)

1 Piece Delirium Swiss ego Slim V2 Charger


Product Parameters

Height : 15 cm

Width : 1 cm

Atomizer Voltage : 1.6 oHm

Liquid Capacity : 1.6 ml


Use Advice


You should pay attention to the reduction of the liquid in the liquid tank product, otherwise you can burn atomizer'.

Do not overload the product must be careful not to overfill the tank's liquid liquid, otherwise the leak, oral liquid


problems, etc, can not live.


You must be careful to charge the battery fully charged before heading out of the product, otherwise the move charge


You may want to drink and life can end.


We recommend that you wash the kurulama liquid tank before replacing the liquid flavor you use the product, otherwise


If the taste of the liquid you're using an earlier miscible liquid that fills taste new flavors deteriorate


may vary.


You should take care to ensure the life of your new title before completing atomizer title otherwise


You may experience delays in product use the title loses its life.



If the flashing light flashes;


* Please note that you need to plug in to recharge the device.




Other Important Information


• The device has short circuit protection.


• Power-time protection is available. (Automatically stops the device itself if you press the button more than 8 seconds.)


• The charging time is approximately 2 hours of the device.


• Delirium Swiss Slim V2 650 mAh battery, a standard mA output from 500mA USB charger or a wall adapter 420 requires. Especially iPhone wall adapter in any way the use of high-output, such as non-standard adapter may damage the battery and may cause unwanted results.