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Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette models, which are known as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes in domestic and foreign sources, are waiting for you at You can reach electronic cigarette models at every price and performance range through our site until you get to the simpler and more convenient models, which are called the "hold" mode electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, which have become more widespread in the world and in our country in recent days, have been revealed by researches that are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes and tobacco products. This product is designed to completely replace the cigarette. If you want to get rid of cigarette addiction, you can stop using tobacco products by choosing an electronic cigarette. The increasing use of electronic cigarettes facilitates the release of tobacco products such as cigarettes, water pipes, cigars and pipes, which are the most harmful of tobacco products. It does this by providing you with nicotine without toxic toxins. Contrary to what is known, electronic cigarette (also referred to as e-cig / vaping device / vapor in foreign countries) is a product that provides steam to the user, not smoke.

Electronic Cigarette / Electronic Hookah Differences

Electronic cigarettes and electronic hookahs are not much different from each other. Basically, both device categories are similar to each other. Electronic hookah is basically a mode electronic cigarette and is a much more professional device than a typical electronic cigarette in terms of steam capacity and density and has a higher vape cloud capacity.

Vaporesso Polar Kit 220W Vaporesso Polar Kit 220W
Out of Stock
Brand: Vaporesso Model: Vaporesso-Polar-Kit
Vaporesso Polar Kit 220 Watt OverviewVaporesso Polar Kit 220 Watt has emerged as the next-generation mode electronic cigarette kit of the Vaporesso brand. Featuring an ergonomic design, the Vaporesso Polar Kit features a 2-inch TFT screen over the prismatic body. The Vaporesso Polar Kit is a complet..
Ex Tax:470.00TL
Vaporesso Switcher With NRG Kit 220W - Elektronic Cigaratte Vaporesso Switcher With NRG Kit 220W - Elektronic Cigaratte
-10 % Out of Stock
Brand: Vaporesso Model: vprsso-swtcher-kit
Vaporesso Switcher With NRG Kit 220W    Vaporesso Switcher With NRG Kit 220W - Electronic Cigarette can reach up to 220 Wata. Colorful lighting gives a stylish look. Thanks to the exchangeable mode sheath, the color will provide a slip-proof possibility both in appearance and in ..
359.00TL 400.00TL
Ex Tax:359.00TL
Vision VAPROS Spinner II MİNİ Vision VAPROS Spinner II MİNİ
Out of Stock
Model: sp-mini-2
Vision VAPROS Spinner II MINI1 Pieces Original Dekang Liquid FREE ... ATOMIZER-Length: 62.15 mm-Large: 16,5 mm- Weight: 40g-Tank Capacity: 2 ml-Tank: Glass-Evaporator system: Lower Dual Coil (Dual heating bobbin)-Addable TitleAvailable in 2 colors: blue, white BATTERY-Length: 104.5 mm-Larg..
Ex Tax:220.00TL
Vision VAPROS Zerotank Atomizer Vision VAPROS Zerotank Atomizer
Zirve markalar Out of Stock
Brand: Vision Model: vson-zr1
Vision Vapros zero Bottom Dual Coil Pyrex Glass tank 2.0ml for vision spinenr II 1600mah batteryLength: 67.5mm Diameter: 16mmBottom Dual coil 1.8omhLiquid capacity: 2.0mlCoil resistance: 1.8ohmThe changeable coil head is good quality in providing better vapor. Small and easy to replace.Package1..
Ex Tax:59.00TL
Voopoo Too Mod 180w Voopoo Too Mod 180w
Out of Stock
Model: VoopooToo-Mod
VooPoo Too Mod E-Cigarette Shape OverviewVooPoo Too Mode E-Cigarette Body is not an electronic cigarette kit. You should use the mod shell with an atomizer tank. The atomizer tank is not included in the product content. The VooPoo Too Mode E-Cigarette Stand can work with one 18650 battery (rechargea..
Ex Tax:299.00TL
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