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Delirium CELL 1600 mAh Battery

Delirium CELL 1600 mAh Battery
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Delirium CELL 1600 mAh Battery
Product Features
Battery1600 mAh
Charging Time3 Hours
package contentsBir adet 1600 mAh Delirium Pil
Screw ConnectioneGo - 510
Ex Tax: 89.99TL
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  • Model: cell-1600
  • Dimensions: 95.00 x 9.50 x 0.00

delirium CELL 1600 mAh Battery

Delirium product quality has proved in the case in previous products. Batteries used in long-lasting and durable.

And successfully passed our test. For a long experience you can get the most affordable electronic cigarette is the battery.

Through port In stainless steel and is providing a long and trouble-free use.

You can charge the classic ego chargers. ego and is compatible with a very atomizer 510 input.

The quality of your email is one of the most important parts of the battery are important for the Non-life both your health and your safety.

Quality products while charging the Electronic Cigarette batteries may cause a fire.


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