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Why Electronic Cigarettes Explode? How to Prevent?


Why Electronic Cigarettes Explode? How to Prevent?

Electronic cigarettes are used by millions of people around the world. Electronic cigarettes, which have great success in quitting traditional cigarettes in the world, can sometimes cause serious problems. Electronic cigarettes, especially suspected by those who do not use the device, often come up with news such as explosions and burning. Experienced or inexperienced … If you are an electronic cigarette user, you may face the same problems. So why do electronic cigarettes explode? How can you take precautions?

Electronic cigarettes are known to be a frequently used device, especially in the United States. Even electronic cigarettes and their liquids were not as harmful as cigarettes were first mentioned by the FDA, the Federal Food and Drug Administration. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), investigating why electronic cigarettes explode, found that 80% of electronic cigarettes explode during charging. FEMA’s data show that the biggest reason for the explosion of e-cigarettes is chargers that are not compatible with the device. To summarize, the most important thing that causes electronic cigarettes to explode is misuse.



Which Electronic Cigarettes Explode More?

The explosion of electronic cigarettes as a result of charging with the wrong charger also confuses the most problematic electronic cigarette model. Although we cannot say anything about the models of the e-cigarettes that cause problems, electronic cigarettes in the form of pencils have a bad reputation for causing problems and exploding. These electronic cigarettes, also known as first generation electronic cigarettes, may not explode because they do not have very strong batteries. However, first generation electronic cigarettes (often called pen-shaped electronic cigarettes because they are pen-shaped) do not have the notorious reputation of starting a fire. Although the first generation electronic cigarettes do not have a wattage stabilizer, they are more risky than other models because they are mechanical modes. The batteries do not leave the housing. In pen-shaped electronic cigarettes, the battery cannot be inserted into the housing well enough, which can cause major problems.



Especially the batteries of third generation electronic cigarettes can be separated from the mod body or replaced with a new one. However, it is purity to say that mod electronic cigarettes are completely safe. Mode electronic cigarettes, whose battery is not placed in an effective and fully secure manner, are starting to leak acid from the battery in their contents.

Most Explosive / Firemen Electronic Cigarettes

Mod electronic cigarettes have a bad reputation of misuse. As you know, mechanical mode electronic cigarette batteries are mounted to the body by being compressed. The electronic cigarette may explode if it is not installed well and the high capacity battery is overloaded. The first generation of pen-shaped electronic cigarettes, even when the same neglect does not explode when fires.

Both explosion and fire … The most important factor in the problem of electronic cigarettes is the misuse and neglect of the devices. Of course, even if you do everything completely right, there is no risk of the explosion of electronic cigarettes. However, the same risk applies to any device with a lithium – ion battery.

Mode electronic cigarettes have high wattage protection as they have high battery capacity. This means that if you operate the device for a long time at high wattage, the device automatically switches itself off. Below we tried to run the Wismec Realeux 2/3, which has one of the most powerful batteries for you, at the highest wattage for a long time. As you can see, the device turned itself off. This feature includes many electronic cigarette models. This feature is especially available in mod electronic cigarettes.




In summary, electronic cigarettes are the parts that cause the fire to start. When you force the atomizer to vaporize the electronic cigarette liquid, you will damage the coil part at the most. This causes you to get a bad taste from your electronic cigarette. It is possible to reduce the risk if you do not have bad habits such as a fake rechargeable battery, high wattage and extended use.




Not to mention the electronic cigarettes that have a micro usb port and charge in this way. Most electronic cigarette users are charging with one end of micro usb and the other end of usb cables. But that’s when the problems begin. Because the micro-usb port fits perfectly with the electronic cigarette, it does not guarantee an efficient and healthy charge for the device.

Where do electronic cigarette explosions occur most often?

Electronic cigarettes are mostly used in household, vehicle explosion / fire; This is a good example of a problem with devices, especially when charging. Especially an electronic cigarette, which has a flammable feature such as paper, fabric, pillow, is becoming a very big device with the risk of starting fire.




Electronic Cigarette Fires

Electronic cigarettes do not always explode suddenly due to problems such as batteries or misuse. From time to time electronic cigarettes can also fire. The reason is, of course, faulty batteries and batteries. After the article we have written for you, we will show you what you can do to prevent your electronic cigarette from exploding or burning.

What can you do to prevent the explosion or burning of electronic cigarettes?

Some cases show that electronic cigarettes cause problems such as explosion or burning. However, this does not mean that every electronic cigarette will explode or burn. Nevertheless, the news that has emerged and spread on this issue is spreading an opinion that electronic cigarettes are dangerous. Traditional smoking alone causes 480,000 deaths per year in the United States alone. Traditional tobacco products, especially cigarettes, cause 7500 fires in the US in a year. However, according to some, electronic cigarette is still a very dangerous device.

The risk of explosions and fires in electronic cigarettes is often manifested when these devices are used incorrectly. Luckily there are some precautions you can take to minimize these risks. Be sure to use the same precautions for any device that uses a lithium-ion battery. Because electronic cigarettes, such as smart phones (Note 7?) And laptops also exploded in recent times we have witnessed. So why do electronic cigarettes explode? How can you take precautions?




Choose Original Devices

We are aware that many electronic cigarette users find the prices expensive. Legal restrictions force many users to order from China. We know that bringing electronic cigarettes from China has its own problems. However, choosing an unmarked / counterfeit / clone electronic cigarette to have a cheaper electronic cigarette can cause serious injury or problems.

By contrast, you can think that almost any electronic cigarette is made in China. Today, many popular electronics brands are produced in China. The main point here is to comply with certain standards during production. In other words, brands require certain standards to be followed when manufacturing devices in China. This makes the devices robust and well manufactured. For your health, do not forget to use your electronic cigarette, battery and e – liquid preferences for reliable brands.


Know Your Electronic Cigarette

Get information about your device from the websites of serious electronic cigarette manufacturers. If you do not know which brand to choose, you can also get help from your supplier. We offer different models for beginners or experienced users of e-cigarettes. If you wish, you can of course get the information from the blog section of our site. However, you can find the most detailed information about the electronic cigarette you are using in the user manual.

Electronic cigarette brands such as Joyetech, Kangertech, eLeaf, Smok are very popular. Since our site does not receive any complaints about these brand devices, you can use your preference for these electronic cigarettes if you have enough budget.




Charging And Battery Attention!

Research specifically what type of battery your electronic cigarette uses and how it is charged. We have indicated that electronic cigarettes usually explode / burn during incorrect charging, and that a charging adapter that fits the micro usb port is not suitable for your device. In addition, many modes of electronic cigarettes in the 186550 type of batteries that come out of the old model, and let us add that many problems. Using the correct charger is as important as charging the battery correctly.





Take care not to overheat your atomizer

The whole crime of the explosion or burning of electronic cigarettes is not wrong / improper charging. Atomizers in electronic cigarettes that heat and liquid liquid are also very risky parts. One of the frequent mistakes made by the users who start new electronic cigarettes is that they press the power button too long. You can also obtain intense steam without pressing the power button too long. Press the Power key and the steam heating time should not exceed 5 seconds. Another error that causes the atomizer to overheat is frequent shooting. The atomizer of your electronic cigarette will cause an explosion or fire if it gets too hot.



Where You Carry Your Electronic Cigarette Matters

Where you carry / store your electronic cigarette is as important an issue as how you use it. In particular, electronic cigarettes held in the pocket together with a mobile phone or other electronic device may short circuit very comfortably. If you want to avoid sudden explosions and burns, remember that it is also important that you store your device. Short-circuiting can cause damage not only to electronic cigarettes, but also to mobile phones or other electronic devices. Meanwhile, the electronic cigarette models Joyetech eGo AIO D16 and Joyetech eGo AIO D22 are short circuit protected. So before you buy it, you should examine the features of your electronic cigarette in detail.


Keep Electronic Cigarettes Away From Water

Water is an extremely risky element, not just an electronic cigarette, but for every device with an integrated circuit. If you use your electronic cigarette, especially in places like beach / beach, you should keep it away from water. Never attempt to use an electronic cigarette that has fallen into water or has been slightly wetted. Even if you install your electronic cigarette, never attempt to use your electronic cigarette that has escaped into the battery or circuit board.



Clean Up Residues Around Battery

Every electronic cigarette leaks into the tank. This leak may occasionally reach the battery portion of the electronic cigarette. To avoid this type of situation, you should clean the battery compartment of your electronic cigarette from dried electronic cigarette residues. Of course, you should do this not only for the battery / battery compartment of your electronic cigarette, but also for parts close to the atomizer and tank.


Do Not Leave the Device Uncharged for Long Time

The batteries of the electronic devices whose batteries are forgotten inside start to flow after a while. This is especially common in battery-powered toys, and is also common in electronic cigarettes. If you want to avoid this, do not use your device for a long time with the built-in battery. If you do not intend to use your electronic cigarette for a long period of time, look carefully into the battery compartment and do not make the mistake of forgetting the battery in this section.


More than Normal Voltage Harmful!

One reason for accidents related to electronic cigarettes is to force the battery with a performance that exceeds its capacity when charging or when the battery is exhausted. If your electronic cigarette battery is depleted, do not force it to start.


Stay Away from Very Old Devices!

Electronic cigarette suppliers do not sell second-hand devices, but it is quite common among users to exchange and sell second-hand devices. Although second-hand devices are more popular and affordable, trying to buy and use very old devices is risky, even if the device is of good quality. Because no matter how careful you use your electronic cigarette, the device will wear out. That’s why you should stay away from used or very old devices.


Last word…

If you take the above precautions, you avoid the risk of electronic cigarettes exploding and starting a fire. In fact, the explosion of electronic cigarettes or the start of fire is not a common occurrence, but in general, such cases are immediately reflected on the media. This leads to a perception that electronic cigarettes are harmful / risky. If you’re careful when using your electronic cigarettes, you don’t have to worry.




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