Elektronik Sigara ve Likitleri konusunda bilgi alabileceğiniz tüm makaleler burada....

Losses of Electronic Cigarettes


Hello to all electronic cigarette users, in this article we will mainly focus on the damages of electronic cigarettes. If we try to count the harmful substances and chemicals in the cigarette, the writing may be as long as China Seddin. Aside from the joke, you take and drink something you know every day that you know the damages are so high.

As days, months and even years pass, they increase their losses and your health is deteriorating. Is there any harm to the Electronic Cigarettes we smoke? Most of the time, we all think and investigate this issue. However, no matter how much research we do, we never get a clear information about the damages of the device.



Cigarette companies by bribing by television programs, electronic cigarettes hold the doctors who deteriorate, again the same method, the press and media always made the news of the electronic cigarette by people with a timid eye of the people who want to look at this product with a timidly increased pressure on electronic cigarettes. Because they soon realized that the end of the cigarette would come to an end if they did not prevent this product that has swept the whole world in a very short time. That is why we can say that they have started R & D studies on this technology. Depending on the situation, I can say that it may be placed on the shelves in a recent date subject to taxation in electronic cigarettes.



Let’s come to the issue of electronic cigarettes, I have been using electronic cigarettes for 2 years, neither short nor long term I can say that in this period has no harm to me and I continue my life in a comfortable way. One of the most important issues in Electronic Cigarette is the quality of the liquid you use in your E Cigarette and the level you are at the stage of using your device. In many European universities and laboratories, no carcinogenic substances have been found in the liquid position and the reaction of the liquid in the device as it turns into steam, and if there is a father with proof certificate, he can come out and see the whole nation. But no, it has already been on the market since 2002, and the losses of this product have already been revealed and prevented. Since there is no harm, smear campaigns continue and they still cannot go beyond staining the product.



We are the first generation to use this product, and if there is any damage in the long term, I think that after 20 years, these effects start to appear. It should not be forgotten that for many years in the health of cigarettes advertising and marketing as beneficial to human health. Electronic Cigarettes can however be as harmful as jelly beans. When it comes to the cause, it contains Nicotine, Herbal Glycerin, Chemical Glycerin, Food Flavor and Ethyl Maltol which is the aroma regulator. Imagine that you took out nicotine, so what’s left? All of these materials are used in making jelly beans. In addition, the Turkish people in the chemical word that everything is strange

He is afraid, the only reason for this is the lack of information. Remember that even water is a chemical substance. Everything you see in nature is a chemical substance. Long story short, no harm has been observed in electronic cigarettes so far, and these substances have no serious harm to human health in normal use.



Dear Electronic cigarette users hello to all of you. Today we will talk about the harm to human health of electronic cigarettes with many unfounded comments for you. We don’t need to mention how harmful smoking is one of the traditional tobacco products for human health. Smoking threatens both your health and your wallet.

Statistics, of the expenditures made cigarettes in Turkey over the last decade reveals that the state budget of 5 billion pounds of tax loss suffered. Electronic cigarettes come into play at this point. However, even electronic cigarettes are cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are harmful to human health even if not as much as traditional tobacco products. So what are the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes on human health?

Electronic Cigarette Research Continues at Full Speed

In fact, this question is sought by American Lung Association, the Food and Drug Association, and many others. The answer has been sought since 2010, when electronic cigarettes began to become popular, but there has not been an answer. Currently, research continues on 500 different electronic cigarette liquid brands and over 7,700 different electronic cigarette aromas. Of course, there is not much to be researched about electronic cigarettes. An important part of the research is the part of the electronic cigarettes that are included in our body, namely “vapor” and the source of that vapor is related to “electronic cigarette liquids”.
This makes everyone who researches the dangers of electronic cigarettes concentrate their attention on electronic cigarette liquids.

We’d like to say that the electronic cigarette liquids are innocent. Unfortunately, the electronic cigarette liquids are not so innocent. Although the structural components of electronic cigarettes are quite simple, the possible effects of these chemicals on the human body are still under investigation. In fact, the chemical structure of an electronic cigarette liquid is quite simple: vegetarian liquid, aroma, pure water and nicotine. By examining these components of electronic cigarette liquids for you in the light of recent research in the world, we will examine the possible effects of electronic cigarettes on human health and try to reveal the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes on human health.


What are the components of electronic cigarette liquids?

1. Nicotine

Nicotine is a substance produced by the combustion of finely chopped and dried tobacco. This substance, which is also present in trace amounts in eggplants, is a very powerful stimulant. Unfortunately, we cannot say positive things for nicotine. Nicotine temporarily increases attention, although it makes us forget our problems at the moment is a very dangerous chemical. The danger of the chemical comes primarily from being alkaloid. Which means nicotine is addictive. Nicotine, which is 20 milligrams in a normal cigarette, is at lower levels in electronic cigarettes. This makes electronic cigarette liquids more harmful than traditional tobacco products.



What are the effects of nicotine on the human body?

Nicotine seems to temporarily relieve tension, but on the other hand it provides an artificial sense of alertness and tension. Moreover, nicotine is an important carcinogen that threatens the upper respiratory tract and lungs. However, nicotine increases the risk of heart attack by 20 times as a result of research has been reached. The fact that you can adjust the level of nicotine, which is shown as the cause of many diseases from heart attacks to cancer, is an important plus.


Nicotine is the cause of many ailments from coronary artery disease to arteriosclerosis. When high blood pressure and other ailments are added to it, a very frightening picture of nicotine emerges. With the nicotine levels you can set in electronic cigarette liquids, it is possible to reduce the nicotine level. In fact, the most reasonable explanation regarding the electronic cigarette – nicotine and cigarette is in the video below.

Let us summarize this conversation for you. Electronic cigarettes are seen by the community as an easy way to quit smoking. Yeah, that’s sort of right. But electronic cigarettes are not perfect. Nicotine in liquids is still a major threat to human health. However, you can change the nicotine level in electronic cigarette liquids as you wish.

Does Each Liquid Have The Same Nicotine Value?


So the nicotine value in every liquid is not the same. This makes electronic cigarettes a step beyond normal cigarettes in terms of nicotine levels. Moreover, some doctors say that the nicotine taken through electronic cigarettes is innocent. In the following video, David Baron enlightens us on electronic cigarettes and nicotine.


Limited Nicotine Limited Risk


In fact, nicotine is the most dangerous component of electronic cigarettes. This makes the use of electronic cigarettes by pregnant women and adolescents extremely dangerous to public health. However, the parts where electronic cigarettes are ahead of cigarettes do not disappear. Yes, electronic cigarettes also carry nicotine. However, the nicotine level can be adjusted as previously mentioned. You can even choose electronic cigarette liquids containing 0 nicotine. Let’s come to the parts where electronic cigarettes are ahead of traditional cigarettes. We have said that many doctors and scientists around the world are investigating the effects of electronic cigarettes.


Since 2011, doctors specializing in the respiratory tract have been investigating the possible effects of electronic cigarettes. One of these researchers, Dr. Doctors of the University of Patras in Greece. Constantinos Farsalinos.


Dr. According to Konstantinos Farsalinos, electronic cigarettes are not as harmful as they might think. Another researcher on electronic cigarettes, Peter V. Dicpinigaitis, Medical Director of Albert Einstein University, says that although electronic cigarettes pose a threat to human health, they reduce cough considerably.

2. Glycerin And Glycerol


Is Glycerin / Glycerol in Electronic Cigarette Liquids A Threat to Human Health?


When it comes to electronic cigarettes, the second most dangerous chemical is glycerine and glycerol. Glycerin is a substance used in many medical materials and soap making today. Glycerol is the end-alcohol like every substance ending with -ol. However, we need to stop here. Because the amount of alcohol we’re talking about here is extremely low. So if you’re sensitive to alcohol again




Electronic Cigarette Liquids

We recommend.


What are the effects on human health?


However, the effects of glycerin and glycerol on human health. Glycerin and glycerol are much more controversial than nicotine. Because the effects of these substances in the long term is unknown. Today, all discussions on electronic cigarettes are at the crossroads of glycerin and glycerol. Nicotine is already a substance harmful to human health. However, the long-term effects of glycerol and glycerol remain unclear. Dr. Many doctors, such as Janet Mckenzie, cannot say anything about the long-term effects of glycerol and glycerol. Actually, that’s pretty normal.


Research in Progress


Today we know that many drugs from obesity to cancer actually exist, but their long-term effects continue to be observed. So it is not possible to say anything about whether glycerin and glycerol in electronic cigarette liquids are harmful to human health. However, it is better for you to choose vegetarian glycerin for electronic cigarettes.

Difference of Glycerin and Glycerol


Glycerin and glycerol have different names of the same substance. There is no difference between these two substances, nor does it affect health. Because glycerin is used in soap making in the industry and for the time being, no harm to human health has been identified. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, glycerin plays a different role. Because here we have to vaporize electronic cigarettes and take in. Therefore, the role of glycerin in electronic cigarette liquids is much greater. However, as mentioned above, the use of glycerin in electronic cigarettes is still a matter of debate. So it’s hard to say anything for glycerin in electronic cigarette liquids.


3. Pure water


The Purest of Electronic Cigarette Liquids: Pure Water

As the name implies, pure water has no negative impact on human health. In fact, pure water means water without chemical, sediment or bacteria. Pure water means water used to form a solution in chemistry. Pure water has no negative effects on human health. Pure water is a material used to increase the density of electronic cigarette liquids. Therefore, it is not a danger to human health.


4. Aroma

Electronic Cigarette Flavors = Food Flavors

Flavors are another chemical discussed in the world of electronic cigarettes. In fact, there is no serious situation that makes aromas risky. Except Diacetyl, of course. In fact, the issue of electronic cigarette liquids is being discussed so intensely that even the Harvard University newspaper has found its place.


What is Diacetyl?

The key chemical to determine whether aromas are hazardous to human health is diacetyl. For the first time, workers in the popcorn factory were exposed to this substance intensively, because it caused various problems in the lungs of the workers, diacetyl caused lung disease called “popcorn – liver”. Diacetyl is a chemical used as a flavor enhancer in foods. Unfortunately, overdose exposure can endanger your health. Diacetyl is mainly used in the food industry. It is possible to avoid this substance, which is also present in trace amounts in electronic cigarette liquids.


Diacetyl And Electronic Cigarette


So where are electronic cigarettes in this diacetyl issue? In fact, many of the fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes contain diacetyl. However, it is also possible to choose liquids with a very low diacetyl ratio or even no diacetyl. Electronic cigarettes may not be perfect. But keep in mind that it gives you a choice. You can prefer electronic cigarette liquids without diacetyl. In the meantime, diacetyl is often used in liquids containing butter flavor.

Last word


Not Completely Harmless, But Quits Smoking


We hope you are satisfied that electronic cigarettes are not harmless. We have never defended that electronic cigarettes are completely harmless. Pregnant women and people under the age of eighteen are already prohibited from using electronic cigarettes and are not sold on our website.
Nicotine contained in electronic cigarettes can cause cancer, coronary heart disease, heart attack and high blood pressure. However, we also sell liquid containing 0 nicotine. In other words, it is possible to prefer electronic cigarette liquids that do not contain any nicotine.

Research Continues Since 2001

Nevertheless, research on electronic cigarettes, which has been ongoing since 2001, is still ongoing. Yes, maybe substances like nicotine, diacetyl are harmful to human health and make cancer. However, it takes a lot longer than the average person’s life to cause these substances to cause you cancer.

Nicotine De launderable …

Doctors are currently harmful to even nicotine

they can put forward radical theses about whether or not. For now, the whole problem is our way of getting nicotine: traditional tobacco products. We get nicotine from these products, but we also include many chemicals harmful to human health. This makes electronic cigarettes a much healthier option than traditional tobacco products.

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