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Juul or IQOS?


Juul or IQOS?

You don’t need to be an expert to understand how important electronic cigarettes are to the world. Today, even the leading companies in the tobacco cigarette industry are introducing devices similar to electronic cigarettes. One of them is IQOS, which is released by PMI, Philip Morris International. IQOS, in many respects to an electronic cigarette; rather, a pod system is very similar to smoking. But IQOS is not unbeatable. The recently introduced pod systems are a serious competitor for IQOS. One of these competitors is the Juul pod system. If you are going to use a practical pod electronic cigarette, which one should you choose? Juul or IQOS? Let’s try to answer this question together.

Juul Pod System Features

There is no need to describe Juul Pod System in detail. Pod system, which belongs to the sistem cartridge electronic cigarette ”category, basically works on the principle of electronic cigarettes. The e-liquid in the cartridge, the pods, is converted into steam by the energy coming from the battery body. Here, the basic difference of pod systems like Juul with the electronic cigarette models we know is revealed. An electronic cigarette produces a certain amount of vapor, depending on its maximum wattage, battery capacity, atomizer (smoking or shisha smoking). However, like other pod system devices, Juul produces only a certain amount of steam, which is sufficient for most pod electronic cigarette users.

Juul can be charged via the micro USB port. There are 3 different Juul Pod System versions available today: Juul Starter Kit, Juul Device Kit and Juul Silver Kit. This inner Juul Kit box has a similar box contents. However, since the Juul Starter Kit is aimed at beginner users, it also includes the cartridges that can be used. However, the Juul Device Kit and Juul Silver Kit do not have cartridges, you need to supply them from electronic cigarette sites.

Let’s come to the e-liquid reservoir in the cartridges of Juul devices. These reservoirs contain e-liquids containing 5% nicotine salt. Therefore, it is not possible to see the diversity of e-liquid in an electronic cigarette model in Juul. Among the aromas of this pod; mango, cream, mint – menthol and Virginia Tobacco.

A typical Juul pod system box, USB connector, pod system body and warranty card comes out. As mentioned above, only the “Juul Starter Kit” is sold in the product, the different pod cartridges are included in the box contents. Juul Silver is the same as other Juul Kit products in terms of box contents and specifications, with the exception of a basic design difference.

juul pod elektronik sigara

juul pod elektronik sigara 

IQOS Features

In fact, IQOS is not a complete electronic cigarette. First of all, this device does not have an e-liquid tank or cartridge pod structure. Instead, IQOS uses structures known as IQOS Heets or IQOS Heet Sticks. In many ways, IQOS Heets gives the impression of a reduced and concentrated tobacco cigarette. These tobacco cigarette structures are “heated tarafından by IQOS devices to form a vapor containing nicotine. Technically, IQOS looks like an electronic cigarette device in this respect, but like electronic cigarette models, it uses a small version of a normal tobacco cigarette instead of liquid nicotine.

IQOS cigarettes were sold by some electronic cigarette sites in our country with names like ”society cigarette”. In fact, at one point, you could find the devices and cartridges of IQOS at every point of sale. However, IQOS has also received its share of the legal restrictions on electronic cigarettes in our country.

There is of course an important reason why IQOS has been called anıl society cigarette tarafından by some electronic cigarette sites and suppliers in our country. IQOS was launched with three different models. These; IQOS 2.0, IQOS 2.4 Plus and IQOS 3.0 models. The price of the 2.0 and 2.4 Plus models is the average electronic cigarette model, while the price of the IQOS 3.0 900 900 band watched the band took this name. IQOS come out of the box contents in a set.

The box contains additional parts such as IQOS electronic cigarette (or electronic cigarette-like), charging container, IQOS Heets (tobacco capsules), cable for charging container. Like Juul Pod, IQOS unfortunately does not reach the diversity of e-liquid aroma in electronic cigarette devices. Today, although IQOS Heets has different versions, such as Yellow, Purple, Menthol (mint), and Amber, these types of tobacco capsules often offer a smoking experience similar to the flavored varieties of traditional tobacco cigarettes. For example, IQOS Heets Menthol has an aroma that looks exactly like a mint Marlboro cigarette.

iqos elektronik sigara

iqos elektronik sigara

Is IQOS A Pod E-Cigarette Model?

Before comparing, it is useful to name the model category of both devices correctly. Although IQOS can copy and use the working principle of an electronic cigarette model, it is far from being an electronic cigarette. Because this device uses a tobacco capsule, which is almost like a tobacco cigarette branch.

Who Uses IQOS And Why?

Nowadays, although an electronic cigarette is more advantageous than a pod electronic cigarette model IQOS, the number of IQOS users is increasing day by day. So why?

First, traditional electronic cigarette models use e-liquid. Many people are confused by trying to use these e-liquid contents, which have a large number, brand, aroma and nicotine value. In other words, the “diversity indeki in electronic cigarette liquids attracts more experienced and new ones. But for those who want to quit smoking e-liquid, used in electronic cigarette devices, premium liquid content is a major problem.

Another aspect of the problem is that; the atomiser of most electronic cigarette devices is causing problems and e-liquid leakage from both unconscious use and product failure. Don’t worry if you’re worried about your clothes because it’s easy to clean up a liquid that gets on your clothes. However, electronic devices such as mobile phones and smartphones are heavily and negatively affected by the highly viscous e-liquid content, especially since the charge parts contain sugar.

Another reason that encourages people to use IQOS instead of electronic cigarettes is that electronic cigarette models are relatively more complex than IQOS. 18650 rechargeable batteries, ohms, maximum watts are the reasons why especially “female günümüzde users are turning to IQOS instead of electronic cigarettes. Finally, the IQOS units are smaller and lighter than a standard mode device. Furthermore, since IQOS are more elegant in design, most people prefer IQOS over mod electronic cigarettes or mod boxes.

iqos sigara

iqos sigara

Who Uses Juul And Why?

The reasons that allow people to use IQOS instead of an electronic cigarette are almost the same. However, Juul also attracts those who want to turn to pod electronic cigarette devices. First of all, Juul does not present a category confusion similar to IQOS. Juul, a full pod electronic cigarette model, also appeals to users of pod electronic cigarettes with its only nic-e-liquid containing 5% nicotine and pod (cartridge) parts. Moreover, Juul is very similar to the IQOS in terms of its charger, body size and weight and other features.

Like IQOS, Juul is often addressed to female users. Because compared to a detailed mode, Juul is a pod system as practical as IQOS.

Finally: Juul Mu? IQOS?

IQOS uses tobacco, although its working principle is similar to an electronic cigarette. Yes, maybe tobacco is not burning, but the tobacco content in the Heets Capsules is still unfamiliar to us as a user. Juul, on the other hand, has a more familiar technology: it is contained in a pure nic e-liquid pod cartridge chamber and produces nicotine vapor. Moreover, using Juul today is as practical as an IQOS. Again, there is no significant difference in size and design between the two products.

In our opinion, if you just quit smoking, Juul Pod may be a better option than IQOS. Although IQOS has achieved a significant sales figure success especially in the USA, it can be said that “brand value bir has an important contribution to this. Because IQOS is the product of a giant tobacco cigarette manufacturer like PMI.

Juul is a practical and stylish pod system electronic cigarette that offers almost the same features. However, if you don’t want to use IQOS, you shouldn’t have to use Juul. Because electronic cigarette types are not the only class you expect. Today, instead of Juul or IQOS pod mod, box mod, vape pen, mod, you can choose from any type of electronic cigarettes. So how do you decide on the type of electronic cigarette that is right for you, original, practical and affordable? For this, you can review our site or contact information can be obtained from the number. In our blog content, we focus on content especially for new generation electronic cigarette models such as MTL and pod system electronic cigarettes and thus aim to raise awareness among users. In short, Juul or IQOS? or MTL? You need to do some research to get the answer.


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