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Many users have question marks in their minds about electronic cigarettes. Since 2007, users have difficulty in finding the right information about e-cigarettes actively used in our country. For this reason, you can find many answers in this blog post, which we will constantly update and answer questions from you. From the question of what is an electronic cigarette to its operating principles and troubleshooting, you will find a wide range of topics. Electronic Cigarette Question – Answer corner thanks to electronic cigarettes will be able to find answers to your questions.


What is Electronic Cigarette?

Answer: Electronic Cigarette is a battery-powered product that is used to get rid of cigarette addiction, which is filled with flavored nicotine solution, which vaporizes the liquid and saves the cigarette sensation to the users. It simulates smoking. In short, it can be called a cigarette simulator. Electronic cigarettes can also be referred to as E-Cigarettes. Although designed to quit smoking, the technological state of smoking can be called. Among the ways to quit smoking, e-cigarettes are very popular abroad. The fact that it does not contain tar and pitch in it can be said as proof that it is far from smoking.

What is the best electronic cigarette?

As a matter of fact, the best electronic perception is wrong because the best electronic cigarette models always change as new ones come out, and the best electronic cigarettes do not exist because as the newest models come out, each brand introduces its equivalent counterparts. In short, you can choose the product you will use in a market with great competition according to the availability of spare parts in your geography.

What is the cheapest Electronic Cigarette?

Answer: I think the answer to this question will never change, the combination of standard eGo series batteries and CE6 atomizer tanks, such as CE4 + V3, etc. models have always been the cheapest products, generally afraid of not using electronic cigarettes for the purpose of this product popularity has increased a lot, which is the biggest reason for the product to be kept.

What is the best Electronic Cigarette Liquid?

Answer: We cannot say that the best Electronic Cigarette is the best electronic cigarette liquid. We can say that the best electronic cigarette liquid is the best quality of VG and PG and the best quality food aromas and flavors used in the required ratio. It is possible to recognize high quality liquid from the country of manufacture, brand, price, packaging etc.

We are trying to bring together the high quality brands suitable for everyone’s economic conditions as much as we can for our valuable users and we try to support you in the choices.

I’m just starting an electronic cigarette, I want an electronic cigarette that looks like a cigarette, is it possible to find such a model?
Answer: These models were disposable electronic cigarette models with the first cartridge system. Unfortunately, these products with obsolete technology are no longer manufactured, so you should give up this love and look at more functional, convenient, comfortable, ergonomic, economic models, you will certainly find a nice electronic cigarette model for yourself and get used to it and maybe even better models. You can switch.


When I use my electronic cigarette, liquid drops come to my mouth, what could be the reason?

Answer: Since the tank contains too much liquid in your tank, the atomizer nozzle may not turn all liquid into steam at one time and raw liquid may come into your mouth for this reason. This situation, which is more common in sub oHm tanks, depends entirely on the frequency of winding, the quality of the cotton you use and the VG / PG ratios of the liquid you fill into the tank, depending on the quality of the aroma and additional substances used, and you can solve this situation by changing your usage habits over time.


My Electronic Cigarette malfunctioned, What can I do?

Answer: Possible problems that may be experienced in your product can also ask questions to users who have experienced this problem through e-cigarette forums, you can learn the actions that can be taken to solve your problem, apart from that, you can learn the aspects of your device from the electronic cigarette channels on Youtube and try to solve your problem yourself.


The battery I use doesn’t match my tank, the light on it flashes when I put it on, could it be the reason?

Answer: We can explain this situation as follows: The battery on the battery you use can not reach the oHm value of the battery can not produce volts to indicate that the battery can not work light flashes on. Or, for example, if you install a CE6 tank on a 40W battery and run it at 40W, the cap inside the tank will burn directly, because you need to run tanks that use high oHm headers at a low voltage setting.

On breads.

In order to better understand this, I have prepared a table with the harmonization of oHm – Voltage values;

2.0 & 2.2 oHm = 3.3V & 4.8V
1.5 & 1.8oHm = 6V & 10V
0.8 & 1.0oHm = 15V & 20V
0.5 oHm = 25V & 30V
0.2 & 0.3oHm = 50V & 80V
As the voltage value increases, the type of power supply used in the devices changes as well, some devices have built-in batteries, while others generate power by installing 18650 batteries. In some devices, different batteries can be used, for example, 16340 batteries with double or more installed.


Electronic What is my success rate in smoking cessation if I start directly with 0 nicotine liquid?

Answer: Although your success rate decreases considerably, you will torture yourself and your body because you are already smoking and nicotine addiction and you are depriving your body and you are experiencing problems such as stress, fatigue, headache and not being able to focus. What is the rate of your addiction is determined and the amount of nicotine containing an electronic cigarette liquid in you to continue to use electronic cigarettes. In this way, you can continue your life in a more normal way and step by step your body addiction to cigarettes can be removed day by day.


Is there an electronic cigarette model I can use without and without changing the atomizer head?

Answer: Unfortunately, with the current electronic cigarette technology, there is no such model, if you do not have great expectations in terms of smoke and performance, you can try disposable electronic cigarette models, for example SMOKOFFs are very suitable models.

Electronic Cigarette Prices

Answer: A good Starter kit Starting at $ 120 on average and if you want a nice MOD Electronic Cigarette there may be a price increase of up to $ 350-450, which depends entirely on the set or equipment combination.

Is Electronic Cigarette Harmful?

Answer: I can not say that there is absolutely no harm, but when compared with normal cigarettes;

There are no more than 4000 types of poison and chemicals in cigarettes.

As there is no fever and ashes, there is no tar formed when the cigarette burns.
Since the vapor escaping from the air disappears in seconds, it does not cause any harm to the atmosphere and does not cause environmental pollution as it is not an butt as well as air pollution.
Since the liquid prices used in it are very affordable compared to cigarettes, they do not go to an average of 200 TL per month.
It can be used indoors, as it can be used indoors, so you can easily use it while sitting at your desk in the office.
Although we do not recommend smoking next to our children, although it does not pose a problem when passively inhaled compared to cigarettes, many customers say that their lungs are opened after starting electronic cigarettes.
First of all, the user experience is very important, if there are individuals who have used or continue to use electronic cigarettes in your environment, you can ask your questions and make a more comfortable decision.
Answer: Ruyan Electronic Cigarette is the first modern Electronic Cigarette Model released. It is the first prototype model that was patented in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik.
The device has been a huge success and has been very popular, the main reason for this success is that people want to get rid of cigarette addiction in an average term without suffering.
Later, other companies designed and produced a number of electronic cigarette models and began to market them, the electronic cigarette market has grown with a large volume and has increased to 113 billion dollars only in the USA today.
What are the brands of electronic cigarettes?
Answer: When we look back on the electronic cigarette market today, we see that there are many manufacturers of electronic cigarettes that can be regarded as considerable. If we give a few examples, brands like Aspire, Joyetech and Kangertech can be given as examples.
What is MOD Electronic Cigarette (MOD Device)?
The term MOD is used for Sub oHm Electronic Cigarettes with improved features.
BOX MODE: These rectangular battery types may have built-in batteries or require 18650 battery units.
They can resemble a lighter with their general structure, and they are more advantageous than cylindrical batteries in terms of their size and performance.
It also offers the advantage of using some models as Powerbank.
Those with built-in battery life are generally devices with a battery life of 1600 mAh to 5000 mAh.
Since the Starter Kit and Professional Kit logic of the devices in each segment is different, they differ in the devices in this area as well.
To give an example, Joyetech eGrip is accepted as OLED Starter Kit can be seen as Joyetech eVic-VT Professional Kit.
As a result, while the product range is increasing, product specifications can vary according to the usage area and needs.
If we describe briefly the common features of these devices, they usually have a small led screen.
These LED displays show the resistance of the atomizer head, ie oHm, in the tank installed on the battery.
Apart from that, you can set the volt value that you will use from the button or keys.
With the Battery Percentage indicator, you can check how much battery life the device has left.
You can make settings for different smoking modes, which can be separated as follows;
Normal And Lung Shooting
Normal smoking how you pull your mouth in your mouth and then take your lungs in electronic cigarettes smoked at the same tempo mode.


My tank is leaking too much liquid, what could be the reason?

Answer: You may have overfilled the liquid or overfilled the inside of the atomizer nozzle, the rubber round parts around your tank may be loose or removed. consult your nearest electronic cigarette representative.


Why can the E cigarette battery run out quickly?

Answer: The battery of the electronic cigarette you use may be insufficient for you. Usually, people who buy the starter kit get used to the device and cannot get the performance they expect from their devices and switch to higher class models. To give an example, a new user’s electronic cigarette usually has a 650 mAh battery, then it can switch to a 2200 mAh battery.


How to fill liquid in electronic cigarettes?

Answer: Although this process varies according to the design and structure of the tank of many electronic cigarettes, the general perception is to inject the liquid into the tank tank at the edge without leaking liquid to the air pipe of the device. In Sub OHM devices, if the cap of the device has not seen any liquid, we recommend to drop a few drops of liquid into the tank in order to prevent the atomizer cap from burning in the first firing process.


What are the differences between PG and VG What is liquid?

Answer: First of all, let us explain for those who do not know these two terms;

What is PG liquid: Propylene Glycol is the chemical glycerin produced in the laboratory. Electronic cigarettes are the basis of the throat hit, ie the feeling of smoking.

What is VG liquid: Vegetable Glycerin. It is the biggest factor in the production of dense steam in electronic cigarettes.

The combination of these two glycerins and the necessary flavor and flavors constitutes the liquid, the fuel of the electronic cigarette.

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