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Electronic Cigarette News in Turkish Media


Electronic Cigarette News in Turkish Media



Electronic cigarettes, which became widespread very rapidly in our country as well as in the world, gradually began to take place in the agenda of our country. The common point of the media and foreign press in our country is their attitude towards electronic cigarette use. Electronic cigarettes may be new to our country. But this does not mean that the use of electronic cigarettes is much less harmful than smoking. Yes the electronic cigarette is still being investigated and someone who claims to be completely harmless is lying to you. However, don’t you think that electronic cigarette use is too much? Here are the news from the Turkish media electronic cigarettes and our answers …


“Make Electronic Cigarette Advertising a Terrorist Crime”



As mentioned above, the electronic cigarette is a device for smoking cessation. As we have often mentioned on our website and on our blog, electronic cigarettes are not completely harmless. In addition, the use of electronic cigarettes is spreading very rapidly in many parts of the world. There are also propaganda against electronic cigarettes abroad. However, in no country has it been seen as a terrorist offense to share facts about the use of electronic cigarette advertising in the world.


In fact, when electronic cigarette use became widespread, cancer foundations in the Netherlands even attempted to sue cigarette manufacturers. Again, it is worth noting that the electronic cigarette is not completely harmless. However, electronic cigarettes are healthier, cleaner and more economical than electronic cigarettes. You can find it in many of the content on our blog.

“Heated Tobacco Products Threat to Health”


In fact, this may be the most merciful interpretation of the news in our media. Because there is a lot of data that we shared on our blog much earlier. Famous cigarette and tobacco products manufacturers such as Philip Morris are planning to launch many products in the heated tobacco product segment. The same applies to other cigarette and tobacco producers. However, it may be wrong to see electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette use as a threat.

Many medical research institutions such as the University of London have researched the concept of electronic cigarettes. What emerges in these studies is that electronic cigarettes are not as harmful as normal cigarettes. So it is not known exactly what causes electronic cigarettes. However, it is 95% less harmful than smoking, which is approved by every research institution.

However, there is no threatening side of electronic cigarettes. With the mechanical mode electronic cigarettes as well as fake 18650 batteries, the name of electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarettes has been completely abused. Let us repeat for those who do not know; Few of the tens of thousands of users around the world have been the subject of news that electronic cigarette models have exploded. And similar to the explosion of an electronic cigarette model, didn’t we witness that some mobile phone models exploded soon after launch? Any electronic device with a battery, including electronic cigarette models, is at risk of explosion.

“Electronic Cigarette Promotes Traditional Cigarettes”


It may seem like a false claim, but it’s actually a piece of truth. In fact, the only joke of using electronic cigarettes is to replace smoking and prevent smoking. However, especially in countries such as the USA, some types of electronic cigarette liquids are particularly encouraging for young people. This is the prevalence of electronic cigarette models and the use of electronic cigarettes, especially among young people abroad. We do not sell electronic cigarettes or electronic cigarette liquid to young people under the age of 18. However, not all electronic cigarette suppliers act in the same way. So this claim about the electronic cigarette has some reality share. However, the biggest share in the non-prevalence of electronic cigarette use among young people in our country belongs to electronic cigarette suppliers.


Some of this news is completely wrong. Electronic cigarette is a product produced with the aim of ending cigarette consumption, let alone spreading cigarette use. Very few of the users who started to use electronic cigarettes start smoking again. However, the electronic cigarette is more convenient and easier to use than conventional cigarettes in many respects. So this argument about the electronic cigarette is totally, if not all wrong.

In particular, there are a lot of news about electronic cigarettes on the internet sites. Among these news, electronic cigarettes explode, electronic cigarette aphthae and many other content is shared. We continue to resist this news as much as possible through our blog. You can easily access the relevant content from the blog of our site.

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