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Does E-Cigarette Cause Chronic Bronchitis?


Does E-Cigarette Cause Chronic Bronchitis?

The fact that many people around the world have started to use electronic cigarettes instead of cigarettes and other tobacco products also raises many questions about health and electronic cigarettes. Does one of these questions cause chronic bronchitis? the question is. Bronchitis ranks first in the list of common respiratory disorders today. So it is quite normal for most electronic cigarette users to ask this question.

Getting to know bronchitis

To fully define bronchitis, we need to get to know our lungs, our source of life. A balloon analogy can be made for our lungs. However, although the general structure of the lungs is likened to a balloon, the definition is very accurate and accurate. The lung is a structure consisting of hundreds of thousands of bubbles and air ducts. The air bubbles in the lungs are called medicine in bronchus in medical language. The bronchi filter the soiled air entering the lungs, so to speak. Clean and oxygen-rich air enters our bloodstream and reaches the organs it needs. Bronchitis refers to the inflammation of these structures, called full bronchus or, or the ingestion of microbes.

Today, bronchitis is not only used for bronchial inflammation. Inflammation of the throat – trachea, which is an important part of respiration, may also be called bronchitis. Inflammatory or germ-trapped structures, also known as bronchial air ducts and bubbles in the “mucosa” structure comes. The mucosa structure is usually found in many parts of our body, from the stomach to the inside of our nose. The task of mucosal structures is to remove contaminated air, especially bronchi, and to keep germs, viruses or dust in their adhesive structure. When this structure is inflamed, the respiration becomes difficult and the respiration becomes impossible. At this point, diseases such as COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and asthma occur.

How Does Tobacco Cigarettes And Other Tobacco Products Affect Our Bronchi?

The negative impact of tobacco smoking on humans is most pronounced in the lungs. Our bronchi try to remove harmful chemicals and particles from cigarette smoke in order to provide oxygen to our body. In the case of excessive or prolonged use of cigarettes and other tobacco products, the bronchi are worn out to no longer fulfill this task, or they begin to form more mucous membranes to remove harmful gases. As a result, the mucous membrane obstructing the air ducts in our lungs makes breathing impossible. This is precisely why people who smoke, hookah, cigars or pipe breathe out during physical activity.

Although tobacco cigarettes do not kill our lungs as microbial or viral (due to viruses), the harmful chemicals contained in tobacco cigarettes disrupt both the structure of the bronchi and the mucosa structure within the bronchi. Tar, ammonia, pitch, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, such as harmful gases, gradually causing the deterioration of bronchial function.

If you have previously tried to stop smoking tobacco and have experienced sputum and cough while trying to do so, you may be more familiar with this process. Usually, people who smoke tobacco, when they want to quit smoking intense cough and sputum encounter. Although this process is found to be uncomfortable by humans, it can be said that the bronchi in the lungs are in some kind of “cleansing” phase. The process of thorough cleaning of the lungs is closely related to your smoking period and can range from 6 months to 2 years. If you do not smoke during this process, you can also observe that your lungs are more relaxed.

Bronchitis And Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is a more serious health problem than bronchitis. Bronchitis, or enfeksiyon Bronchitis ”, is an infection we usually encounter in cases of influenza, colds, in which we all inadvertently get caught in the winter months. It is usually possible to get rid of bronchitis in the period following antibiotics and various medications.

In contrast, chronic bronchitis has a different profile than a viral (virus-transmitted) or microbial respiratory disease. Chronic bronchitis is more affected by environmental conditions than bronchitis based on microbe and infection; harmful environmental elements such as cold air, dirty air and cigarette smoke cause the bronchi to become increasingly clogged and the bronchitis mucosa glands, which are responsible for cleaning the air in our lungs, grow. Excessive mucosal glands eventually block the airways, making breathing difficult.

Chronic bronchitis is a disease that can be evaluated in the same category as severe respiratory diseases such as asthma and emphysema. In fact, chronic bronchitis is often associated with emphysema. Because the bronchi in the lungs of emphysema patients often cannot leave the air they hold inside. As a result, lungs of emphysema patients become enlarged by air.

Asthma is similar in many respects to chronic bronchitis – emphysema; bronchi become more susceptible to polluted air, and when environmental factors are encountered, the trachea and veins contract to protect themselves against harmful chemicals. In this case, breathing becomes very difficult and forces the patient.

Is Chronic Bronchitis The Same Thing With COPD?

COPD; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Because the name of the disease is long, doctors in particular use the shorter term ifade COPD için for this disease. COPD and chronic bronchitis are similar in many respects. However, it is worth noting that COPD is a more serious respiratory disease.

COPD is affected by environmental conditions, just like chronic bronchitis. Polluted air, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and most importantly, cigarette smoke with a large number of harmful gases and chemical agents can trigger COPD. Especially during long-term smoking (even if you stop smoking after a long period of smoking), when you encounter this harmful gas or cigarette smoke, your body’s defense system will go on alert and produce a large amount of mucosa. As a result, depending on environmental factors, bronchi in your lungs and finally your lungs become clogged.

What are the differences between chronic bronchitis and COPD? Chronic bronchitis has a similar character to asthma or allergic asthma in many respects; As a result of drugs such as fresh air or Ventolin, the mucosal structure is disrupted and harmful chemicals that are kept inside the structure are discharged. However, COPD is a more serious disease and, as mentioned above, can persist even if environmental factors are eliminated.

COPD, asthma, and chronic bronchitis differ in some respects. For example, asthma can occur according to genetic factors and susceptibility, chronic asthma can annoy you in the winter months of each year, and bronchitis is a microbial disease that can be eliminated with medication. Again, emphysema, fresh air and smoking will cease to disappear gradually. But there is another thing that combines all these respiratory diseases: smoking.

COPD, Asthma, Emphysema and Smoking…

Cigarette smoke contains many chemicals in it; because you must burn dry and chemically treated tobacco leaves to obtain nicotine. This burning process produces hundreds of harmful substances that clog your lungs alongside nicotine.

We need to stand here for a minute and press another finger; Today, cigarette companies dry tobacco leaves to make smoking more attractive and undergo various chemical processes. These procedures are sometimes used to add the “menthol – mint omas aroma and sometimes to increase the cigarette dependence of the users. For this reason, especially in recent years, we have come across people who smoke cigarette wrap more often. However, even if it is harmless from standard cigarettes, you need to burn tobacco and burning tobacco destroys your lungs. Similarly, hookah is another tobacco product that looks like “innocent..

COPD patients are known to be sensitive to cigarette smoke. Since the cigarette smoke is drawn into the lungs, the alarm bells ring and your lung starts to fill with “mucosa”. This process is somewhat similar to “asthma.. However, COPD may continue to force you even if you stop smoking.

Therefore, if you are smoking, you should stop smoking with electronic cigarettes but in another way by saying ır it is snow from wherever the damage is returned ”. The basis of serious respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD, emphysema is tobacco use.

E-Sigara Kullanmak Kronik Bronşite Neden Olur Mu?

Elektronik Sigara Kullanmak Kronik Bronşite Neden Olur Mu? 

Scientific Research on E-Cigarettes and Chronic Bronchitis Connection

Even if you don’t use e-cigarettes, you already know that these devices work differently from traditional tobacco cigarettes. These devices, known as e-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and electronic hookahs, do not contain harmful chemicals in tobacco cigarette smoke because they do not perform a combustion process. Does this mean that the use of electronic cigarettes is completely harmless? – Of course not.

Numerous studies have shown a link between electronic cigarette and COPD, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Yes, electronic cigarette vapor is less harmful than cigarette smoke, but that doesn’t mean it’s not completely harmless. Because electronic cigarette vapor can also contain toxic substances – heavy metals or nanoparticles. These substances can have a similar effect to cigarette smoke in your lungs.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is headquartered in the United States, reiterates the fact that we already know about electronic cigarettes: electronic cigarettes are harmless from cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely harmless.

E-Cigarette And Chronic Bronchitis – COPD Linked Studies Focus On Nicotine

Another recent study on electronic cigarettes and COPD, asthma and chronic bronchitis is the American Thoracic Society Signature. According to the research of the American Thoracic Society, electronic cigarette use (due to nicotine in electronic cigarette vapor), COPD (COPD in English, “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease” is used for COPD), asthma and emphysema are effective in the formation of diseases because the DNA in the lung The effect of different substances in the vapor of electronic cigarettes is great.

Is Nicotine Really Danger?

Let’s underline a point here; In recent years, cigarette smoke in nicotine has caused many claims that cause cancer. However, nicotine has a side effect such as occlusion of the vessels, but it has been shown in these studies that it has not yet had a visible connection with cancer. Moreover, in every pharmacy today you can find products such as nicotine patches and nicotine gum on the market for you to stop smoking.

However, electronic cigarette users around the world also ask themselves the same questions when faced with these studies; In order to accurately measure the effect of electronic cigarettes on our lungs, isn’t it necessary to conduct research on people who only smoke electronic cigarettes today? This is because almost all electronic cigarette users that have been subject to electronic cigarette research today are those who have used tobacco cigarettes for many years. This does not deny the fact that electronic cigarettes are damaging the lungs, but makes the results more “blurred hal.

Another study demonstrating the effects of using e-cigarettes on lung bronchi and especially on lung mucosa is signed by the University of Kansas. According to the study, although electronic cigarette vapor is less harmful than conventional tobacco cigarettes, nicotine in the vapor causes structural change / disruption of the lung mucosa (which we have mentioned above).

Nicotine is what affects the structure of the mucosa. “A conventional electronic cigarette smoking session allows more nicotine to enter the human body than a normal cigarette, particularly electronic cigarette vapor lungs as first-degree and negative ethics ada. Nicotine in the electronic cigarette vapor increases the risk of chronic bronchitis.

E-Sigara Kullanmak Kronik Bronşite Neden Olur Mu?

Does E-Cigarette Cause Chronic Bronchitis?

E-Cigarette Causes “Mucociliary Dysfunction

The disruption of the lung mucosa lies at the basis of the serious respiratory diseases mentioned above. Sometimes this is caused by şeklinde excessive ”mucosal formation in the lung and obstruction of the air ducts / bronchi (“ O ”in COPD disease ob means“ obstructive)) or excessive mucosa formation in the lung.

This structural disorder in the lungs and respiratory tract is called “mucocillary dysfunction ünde in the medical literature.

Does E-Cigarette Increase the Risk of Chronic Bronchitis and Disease Risks Like COPD?

Although electronic cigarettes are harmful and it seems to trigger chronic bronchitis and similar respiratory diseases, this type of research is still continuing and the concept of electronic cigarettes is new to the world. Moreover, electronic cigarette devices are manufactured to keep cigarettes and tobacco products away from you. In the meantime, there is a considerable mass of people who are skeptical or opposing the results of the study. As a result, both scientific research and user comments agree that electronic cigarettes are a healthier habit than smoking.


E-Sigara Kullanmak Kronik Bronşite Neden Olur Mu?

E-Sigara Kullanmak Kronik Bronşite Neden Olur Mu?

How to Reduce the Risk of Respiratory Diseases of E-Cigarettes?

Chronic bronchitis, especially asthma and COPD are the basis of diseases such as tobacco smoking. Today, one of the most common and comfortable ways to quit smoking is to use electronic cigarettes. However, research has concluded that electronic cigarettes can also trigger such diseases.

But there is also the other side of the coin; electronic cigarettes give you freedom, especially in the case of nicotine, that is uncommon in tobacco cigarettes or hookahs; You can adjust the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid contents that you can use for electronic cigarettes.

Even our advice as an electronic cigarette site; reduce nicotine levels as you continue to use electronic cigarettes. However, such freedom of use is not found in conventional tobacco cigarettes or hookahs. In the meantime, 0 nicotine containing electronic cigarette liquid content you can use to emphasize.

If an electronic cigarette site or supplier tells you that using electronic cigarettes is completely harmless, it is probably a lie. Recent research confirms an already known fact about electronic cigarettes; Although electronic cigarettes are harmful, they are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

Another issue is the liquid content of electronic cigarette devices. Nowadays, hundreds of e-liquid contents with very different aroma, brand, nicotine value and PG – VG value are sold.

Finally, especially if you are concerned about heavy metals, you can take care to make your coil replacement at the recommended intervals. In this way, you can prevent the burning of the coil structure (the coil wire in electronic cigarettes, called ve heating the cotton “) and reduce the risk of“ heavy metal ındaki in the e-liquid vapor.


As a result there seems to be a connection between electronic cigarettes – chronic bronchitis. However, we should mention that electronic cigarette research is new. Because when electronic cigarettes first appeared, similar results were put forward. In addition, it can be easily said that electronic cigarettes are less risky for people who smoke today and that electronic cigarettes are lagging behind tobacco cigarettes in order to trigger diseases such as chronic bronchitis, COPD and asthma.

Last but not least, the use of electronic cigarettes offers you a freedom in terms of both the nicotine value and the type and type of liquid you prefer.

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