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What is this Marlboro IQOS?

Hello to all electronic cigarette users, in this article we will discuss the traps set by Philip Morris International, the largest cigarette monopoly in the world, with the Marlboro iQOS device for people who do not use electronic cigarettes but want to buy them. The device was started to be distributed in Belgium after Japan and Italy and the previous general manager of Philip Morris, Sedat Müderrisoğlu, reminded that the company is conducting R & D studies on this subject. Müderrisoğlu is the Müdür General Manager for Risk Reduced Products Mü, working on a product called IQOS that gives nicotine by heating instead of burning cigarettes. Here is the new “electronic cigarette trap” of cigarette manufacturers


Tobacco again starring

Unlike any other electronic cigarette system, this device is not intended for use with normal cigarettes, but with a different vaporizer system. Of course, the structure of this product uses electronic cigarettes and cigarette tobacco. The best proof of this is that the electronic cigarette produced by this company cannot be used with liquid liquid. Just like normal cigarettes, you have to buy your special tobacco in packs at the point of sale.

In other words, they make you dependent on them and continue to empty your pocket. This company, which is the biggest baron in the world, not only pollutes the name of electronic cigarettes. Because the system they offer is no different from smoking! As for the reason, the substance you sigh is tobacco again. In other words, pitch, carbon monoxide, tar and other 4000-odd kinds of poison heating the tobacco device is filled with your lungs.

Electronic Cigarette Level Not …

Turkey will enter the market soon apparent in the device with electronic cigarettes may remain free, and many people may start this device, which is already aware of this danger will not use this device. However, people who are unaware of the fact of electronic cigarettes will begin to recommend this device on television and in the press, the doctors (!) Will recommend this device to you. But don’t fall for this trap.

That is why we are warning in this direction. If you want to quit smoking, you can use electronic cigarettes that are actually harmless (less harmful than cigarettes) that operate by vaporizing the liquid. This way you can stop smoking without experiencing nicotine withdrawal. You can ask us everything you wonder about electronic cigarettes by using our online support and phone numbers and get rid of the question marks in your mind about electronic cigarettes. Our goal is just to make you stop smoking. Smoking cessation rate is at least 77%.

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