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7 Excuses Refused by E-Cigarette Opponents


7 Excuses Refused by E-Cigarette Opponents

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, are not entirely harmless. Although e-cigarette models, which are used today with e-liquid contents enriched with different flavors, are generally used for entertainment and hobby purposes, they are not much different from products such as nicotine patch or nicotine gum which are used as presnip to relieve cigarette addiction. As you know, NRT, which is also known as ot Nicotine Replacement Theraphy ”or tedavi Nicotine Acquisition Therapy bu, basically aims to avoid smoking by meeting your nicotine needs. Despite these obvious situations with e-cigarette devices, many people still oppose these products, which eliminate cigarette addiction by 7/10. What are the mainstays of these e-cigarette opponents? Here is the 7-excuse that e-cigarette opponents take refuge in…

1.E-Cigarette is Harmful to Health

While this statement is completely true, it does not necessarily reflect all the facts about e-cigarettes. Is e-cigarette harmful to health? Yes! However, remember that e-cigarette is a product produced to eliminate smoking addiction, and the number of people who quit smoking with this product is quite high worldwide. In addition, e-cigarette is a product that is much less harmful than standard tobacco cigarettes and is therefore preferred by many.

E-cigarette is a nicotine product. Although nicotine is generally known as the main ingredient in cancer in standard cigarettes, it is actually wrong. Yes, nicotine, increases blood pressure, adhering to the vessel walls can cause vascular obstruction. However, carcinogenic substances generally relate to other chemicals that result from the combustion of tobacco. E-cigarette minimizes the rate of these chemicals. In addition, you can also use e-cigarettes with e-liquid contents of nicotine 0.

2.E-Cigarette Explodes!

There is a point that tobacco producers mislead you. Any electronic device with a battery, including many products from mobile phones to laptops, is at risk of explosion. If you don’t believe, do a research on the internet under the name Samsung galaxy Note 7 and check out what problems the company is experiencing.

So where did the myth of the e-cigarette explode come from? The first models of electronic cigarette devices, also known as mechanical mode, were manual models with watt settings. These models exploded as a result of improper use, and the public made this event valid for almost any e-cigarette. Today, the latest model e-cigarette devices are at risk of explosion, but the e-cigarette devices do not exceed 3 – 4 per million. Among the reasons for the explosion of today’s e-cigarette devices, we can say that counterfeit batteries and improper use.

3. E-cigarette is no different from smoking because it is called “cigarette”

In fact, e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, just like electronic hookah, is a name that has been put by suppliers and sellers in our country. These devices, normally referred to as nik vape buhar, “vaping device” and “vapor, ına which mean steam, give you nicotine without harmful chemicals. In other words, e-cigarette is a product that is different from traditional cigarettes, but it is referred to as “cigarettes için since it is only a nicotine product.

4.E-Cigarette Costs At Least Cigarette

E-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, but they are also less expensive than cigarettes. If you are an average pack of cigarettes a day, you can buy an e-cigarette and see how these devices are less harmful and economical than traditional cigarettes.


5.E-Cigarette And E-Liquid Contents Are Not Known

This is a false proposition. firstly, e-cigarettes and e-liquid contents make a big claim to the world: quitting smoking and – or replacing traditional cigarettes that are harmful to human health. Therefore, both in our country and in the world, medical circles are sensitive to e-cigarette issues and they are intensively researching this device.

The intensity and number of studies have led to the exact determination of the content of products called e-cigarettes or liquids. It is well known that devices known today as e-cigarettes are basically a device that vaporizes the e-liquid contents with the energy they receive, and that they have universal parts such as coils, atomizers, tanks, bodies and batteries. The same applies to e-liquid products used in e-cigarette devices.

6. E-Cigarette Does Not Prevent Cigarette Addiction

This is partly correct, but not statistically correct. Today, especially in the UK, research shows that seven out of every 10 people who smoke e-cigarettes quit smoking. If you don’t realize that e-cigarette is a means to quit smoking, and if you are a weak person, of course, e-cigarette does not prevent you from using traditional cigarettes.

7. There Are Many Fake E-Cigarettes And E-Liquid In The Market

This is one of the partly correct excuses. However, as in every sector, e-cigarette suppliers do their job well. An example? For example, e-mail address is one of these types of sites. You can find every product that an e-cigarette user needs at affordable prices.


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