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2019 – 2020 Best Pure Liquid Content And Pure Liquid Recommendations


2019 – 2020 Best Pure Liquid Content And Pure Liquid Recommendations

Pod system electronic cigarette models promise a more intense smoking experience
We meats. Juul, SMOK Infinix and similar small size pod system with low watt capacity
Thanks to the electronic cigarette, you can get higher nicotine with less energy. Maybe
so e-cigarette users are now more preferred pod system e-cigarette models
Since they do. Of course, it’s one of the things you need to get a more intense smoking experience.
the other is a delicious liquid. List of the best pure liquid contents and pure liquid recommendations for 2019 – 2020 for you
We have listed the products you may prefer for your pod system devices by preparing them and enjoy your meal.


What is Liquid Liquid? What is the Difference of Standard E-Liquid / Premium Liquid and Pure Liquid?

Pure liquid with low wattage (usually between 10W and max. 20W)
pod system is a kind of e-liquid which is specially produced for electronic cigarette models.
It is the content. Similarly, pure liquid contents are made from the same material as standard e-liquid and premium liquids.
Are produced; propylene glycerol, vegetarian glycerol, aroma, liquid nicotine and aroma basically all kinds of e-liquid
are among the main components of the content. Well the distinctions like pure liquid, premium liquid and standard e-liquid
Why is it done?

In fact, there is no standard e-liquid or standard electronic cigarette liquid. However, VG
(vegetarian glycerin) with a high plan premium liquid content, the electronic cigarette
e-liquid contents, which we had the opportunity to recognize, began to be classified as standart standard.. Standard e-liquid contents
PG (propylene glycerin) and nicotine content ratio is differentiated from premium and pure liquids. Standard
In the e-liquid content, the PG-VG balance is generally valued as 50 – 50% or with a high PG ratio.
Today, standard e-liquid contents are available in e-cigarette models such as vape – pen, pod mode, box mode and the like.
Premium liquid content is different from the standard products to create more steam
produced e-liquid products. Premium liquid, thanks to a higher content of VG (vegetarian glycerin)
may produce dense steam. Generally, VG content in premium liquid contents is 60% or more.
Premium liquids capable of delivering more dense steam thanks to high VG ratio, provide low throat beat
however, since the vegetarian glycerin content is high, the prices of these liquids are also high.

Why Is Nicotine Higher In Liquid Content?

High wattage and low atomizer for higher liquid content of premium liquid contents
resistance. This means that premium liquids are more likely to
The emergence of purely liquid contents, consumers rather than intense steam to real tobacco cigarettes
was a result of the demand for a similar smoking experience. Consumers more steam than steam and aroma, more steam
they wanted him to exhibit a character similar to cigarette smoke. Moreover, pod electronic cigarette models
sizes and prices were also quite high.

On top of that, with less watts / less steam, more intense smoking and more effective cigarette smoke
Liquid contents were produced to show the character. The names of these liquids contain nicotine content.
Nicotine value in a pure liquid bottle of 30 ml – 50 ml.
it can be much higher than premium or standard liquid.
In today’s standard e-cigarette, premium e-liquid or MTL e-cigarettes,
The amount of nicotine was expressed as 0.3 mg / 0.6 mg / 0.9 mg per ML, while the liquid content was pure.
on average, they contain 10 times more nicotine.


2019 – 2020 Best Salt Liquid List And Salt Liquid Recommendations

Today, pure liquids containing a higher percentage of nicotine, as a standard or premium liquid manufacturer
they are produced by the companies we know. Dinner Lady we know with Lemon Tart, we love with Ez Duz It
E-liquid manufacturers such as Ruthless and Cuttwood also produce pure liquid for pod system e-cigarette users. This

however, there are not only liquid-producing companies such as Saltica, Elysian and NKD. Well this is pure liquid
Which of the ingredients is more delicious and which is high quality and will mark 2019-2020


Dinner Lady Salt

At the beginning of our article, we mentioned that e-liquid producers also produce pure liquid contents. Maybe that’s why
only liquid consumers are generally careful to choose the same brands. Dinner Lady, England
is a company that produces e-liquid and especially Lemon Tart. The company’s Lemon Tart Salt Liquid
is as successful as the premium version.
We say that very comfortably because Dinner Lady Salt Lemon pod system in our country
users, as well as being the eye of the lists in the world. 50 VG to 50PG ratio
Lady Lemon Tart Salt is sold in a 30 ml matte and unique bottle. Nicotine value
most sites do not contain pure liquid nicotine salt additive.
Dinner Lady Salt Cola Shades, Blackberry
They can also choose options like crumble.


NKD 100 Pure Liquid

Like Dinner Lady, NKD Salt is produced by Naked, which produces premium liquid. So NKD100 is pure
, Naked ‘s side brand can be called. Very popular with foreign sites, especially liquid,
menthol – NKD100 Very Cool with blueberry and blackberry aroma, NKD100 with tobacco content
American Patriots, NKD100 Polar Breeze (mango – menthol), Brain Breeze (strawberry – menthol – mixed fruit)
It has very different pure liquid aroma mixtures.
If the content of Dinner Lady Salt especially sweet – cake – cola aromas do not satisfy you enough
and if you are looking for different kinds of pure liquid flavors in 30 ml fine mouth bottles and usually 35 – 50 mg
nicotine / 50PG – 50 VG with NKD100 Pure Liquid content.
Most NKD pure liquids have traces of menthol – mint flavor. Moreover, the bottle mouth is thin, pod
The system makes refilling electronic cigarette cartridges extremely easy.


Natura Hexocell Salt Liquid

Increasing tobacco smoking prices in our country every day more and more cigarette’s mod e-cigarette or
The pod system leads to electronic cigarette models. However, most users still have a serious
faced with the problem: most pure liquid, due to the content of nicotine tutu
price is sold.
Natura, who we know from the standard e-liquid world, is on our list just because it eliminates this problem.
is entitled to take part. This pure liquid content, sold for only 65 TL in a 60 ml fine tip bottle,
The system is specially produced for electronic cigarette users as a pure liquid content of a complete price / quality
Maxboro aroma, especially used by lovers of tobacco aroma, used in the company, 2001
Since the year it has been actively producing e-liquid and has ISO 9001 quality certificate. If another
If you are looking for an affordable pure liquid with nicotine salt additive that you can mix with liquids, Natura Hexocell
Melon, Natura Maxboro, Natura Banana and many more Natura Hexocell aromas can be preferred.



Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut

Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut is on our list. The most important reason for this is that it is different from other pure liquid producers; You may have noticed that most of the liquid content has a tobacco – menthol – mixed fruit flavor. Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut, on the other hand, brings the flavor of strawberry jam donut buns to the pod system electronic cigarette users with its liquid containing 3.5 mg% pure nicotine, which is stored in a 30 ml fine tip mouthpiece. Standard and repetitive pure liquid flavors
If you are bored, you may prefer Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut.




Ruthless Salt Series

“Even though I use a pod system e-cigarette, I won’t be surprised by the classic!” If you don’t trust the quality of new liquid brands, Ruthless Salt series is for you. 30 ml – Ruthless pure liquid contents containing 3.5% nicotine in its fine mouth bottle, pure liquid of the products it produces for premium
versions. Of course, these pure liquids include Ruthless Salt Swamp Thang, seductive with mint flavor, Ruthless Strizzy Salt with mixed fruits or Ruthless Salt Trophic Thunda.


Mr. Salt – E

Mr Salt – E all of the liquids especially by users of pod system electronic cigarettes abroad
loving MR Salt – E is one of the things that makes its liquid content special.
It comes to offer a wide range of aromas. In addition, 25 – 45 mg nicotine containing pure liquid
5 mg nicotine salt doped pure liquids more sub – ohm / DTL ie mod electronic cigarette
users. Mr. Salt – E is a highly preferred pure liquid content by suppliers in our country.


Saltica and Elysian Salt Liquids

Saltica liquid contents are the most reasonable pure liquid that a pod system user can choose today.
One of the contents. There are many reasons for this. First of all, Saltica offers you a wide aroma flavor.
range. In addition, a special dropper bottle of 30 ml with 35 and 50 mg nicotine options
Saltica offered to you pure liquid content, reasonable price with a reasonable price pod system electronic
smoker’s favorite.

If caramel – tobacco (Saltica Ares), chocolate – milk (Saltica Troll), green grapes and blueberries (Saltica)
If you want to use aroma flavors such as Duke) on pod system devices, Saltica contents are for you.
extremely convenient. With its price in the 90 TL band, it is one of the constantly rising tobacco cigarette prices.
Saltica liquid content, such as medicines that are bored, you can reach through our site.
Elysian, on the other hand, is a liquid content that can be called Saltica in many respects. Elysian price, bottle size,
nicotine value and PG – VG value. Brand, pod system
Elysian ARTEMIS (Cream Pear), Elysian SIREN (Strawberry, Milk, India)
Walnut) and other pure liquid ingredients.

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