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15 Things to Avoid While Using Electronic Cigarettes


15 Things to Avoid While Using Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have many benefits for users. The benefits of electronic cigarettes to your health and your pocket are just two of them. Electronic cigarette liquids can give you a great electronic cigarette experience. You should be careful when using electronic cigarettes that are very easy to use. So, what are the things to be aware of when using electronic cigarettes. We have reviewed what you should not do while using electronic cigarettes. It is possible to experience a more pleasant electronic cigarette by following the fifteen items we have mentioned. Here are 15 things you shouldn’t do when you use an electronic cigarette

1. Avoiding Dry Shooting

Electronic cigarettes make us happy. There are some things we should be aware of when using these devices that meet our need for nicotine without having to deal with cigarette ash, ashtrays, butts or smoke. The first thing to do with the electronic cigarette dry shot. There is no liquid in your device to try to draw steam from an electronic cigarette is one of the things that should not be done. This will cause an unpleasant smell of burns from your electronic cigarette, as well as the wear of your electronic cigarette atomizer in a short time. If you have run out of liquid, you can choose any of the appropriate liquids of Elektroniksigaraevi.co. If you have not used your electronic cigarette without liquid, we strongly advise you not to try it.




2. Run With Low Charge


The heaters of electronic cigarettes perform this function thanks to energy. However, if you run out of charge, you should charge your electronic cigarette immediately. Many devices, such as the Kangertech Subox Mini, can be charged with micro-usb charging cables. If you try to operate your device at a low level of synergy, you will force your battery. Therefore, do not force your device to give steam while it is being charged. If you are going on a long journey, check your battery level. Or you can easily meet your energy needs by using a powerbank.


3. Ghost Aroma Syndrome

Ghost Aroma Syndrome means you can enjoy the electronic cigarette liquid you used before. If you often use the same liquid in your electronic cigarette, that’s fine. However, if you prefer different flavors, do not forget to clean your tank thoroughly. Another thing you can do is to avoid sharp aromas when choosing your electronic cigarette liquid. The same goes for the manufacturer of your electronic cigarette liquid. If you prefer liquid brands like Liqua, Natura, Amazzone, Dekang, Ovvale, InnovationBG, ZAZO, Colins S and you are careful when using your electronic cigarette liquid, you will have no problems.


4. Uncleaned Coil

You should replace the atomizers of electronic cigarettes once a week or once every two weeks, depending on your frequency of use. However, if you do not get help from an expert when you install a new atomizer on your device, or if you do not clean your existing atomizer enough, you may disgust with electronic cigarettes. Because a burned atomizer burns your aroma and spreads a foul odor. If you want to learn how to replace your electronic cigarette atomizer yourself, if you search on youtube how to replace your electronic cigarette model and atomizer, you will find many instructional videos. If you are a newcomer to electronic cigarettes, you should decide whether you smoke cigarettes or hookahs when choosing your electronic cigarette.


5. Do Not Use Electronic Cigarette While Driving

Especially if you have an electronic cigarette that gives a strong and intense vapor, you do not want to be exposed to the intense vapor of your electronic cigarette while driving. This is because the devices that give off heavy smoke significantly reduce your vision while driving. To avoid causing a traffic accident, never use your electronic cigarette while driving. You don’t want to pay for such a mistake with your life or with serious injuries.


6. Avoid Excessive Nicotine!

One plus of electronic cigarettes is that you can adjust your nicotine level in electronic cigarette liquids as you wish. Excessive nicotine can have negative effects on your body. In the medical literature called Nik Nicotine Disease bu, you may experience various symptoms such as tremors and low blood pressure. If you are a newcomer to electronic cigarettes, do not hesitate to ask your dealer. Indicate that you have just started electronic cigarettes and choose a suitable liquid. If you intend to end your normal smoking addiction, start at a sufficient level of nicotine for you and slowly lower the level of nicotine.


7. Do not use the same liquid continuously


Electronic cigarette liquids have many aromas. If you use some kind of liquid for a long time, your sense of taste may cause some difficulties in your language. For example, continuous sweet flavors (these liquids are generally fruit flavored and

use is preferred by beginners) after a while you may not get enough taste of sweets you eat. It’s best to try changing your liquid once a month or every two months.

8. Loose Battery

One of the sine qua non for a great electronic cigarette experience is the battery of electronic cigarettes. If your battery is not fully inserted into the body of the device, it is impossible to enjoy it. So pay attention to the battery of your electronic cigarette and carefully insert the battery into the body. Use the same care when filling electronic cigarette liquid into the liquid tank of your device.


9. The Enemy of Electronic Cigarettes: Wrong Filling

In the above article we mentioned that you should be careful when inserting the battery into your electronic cigarette. The same applies to your electronic cigarette liquid tank. If you overfill the electronic cigarette liquid or the leakage of the electronic cigarette into the atomizer will greatly reduce the enjoyment of the device. Therefore, pay attention to both the tank and battery of your device.


10. Avoid Frequent Shooting


Knowing … When you use electronic cigarettes frequently, you will feel a slight temperature in your device. It’s normal. Electronic cigarettes activate the atomizer with the energy it receives from the battery and thus turn into liquid vapor. However, if you use the device frequently, you will see that the temperature increases. Prevent your device from overheating if it is for your own good and for the long-lasting life of your device.

11. Frequently For Water

This advice, which we often encounter in the health corners of newspapers, also applies to users of electronic cigarettes. Because using electronic cigarettes in the long term can cause discomfort such as dry mouth and throat. In the meantime, if you’re a beginner, it’s normal to cough when you’re shooting from the device. Again, using nicotine-level liquids can cause a slight irritation to your throat. As for the water issue … Do not forget to drink water frequently even if you do not use electronic cigarettes.


12. Frequent Throat Shooting

If you prefer liquids with high levels of nicotine as electronic cigarettes, do not force yourself when taking a throat. This may cause sore throat and discomfort in your throat. If you enjoy a throat shot, mix your liquid with VG (Vegetarian Glycerol). These liquids, commonly referred to as Premium Premium Piy in the market, are generally used to facilitate the attraction of throat shooters. 12 of the 15 things you shouldn’t do while using electronic cigarettes are frequent throat shots.

13. Liquid Leakage / Crack in Liquid Tank

Show the importance of the electronic cigarette to the liquid tank. A crack or crack in your liquid tank can shade your enjoyment of electronic cigarettes. You can find the spare parts of electronic cigarette tanks as well as every part of the electronic cigarette.

14. Hookah or Smoking?

You want to quit smoking and have decided to start electronic cigarettes. First of all, make sure you shop from a reliable place about electronic cigarettes. There are many people who sell electronic cigarettes for commercial purposes only and try to deceive novices. You can ask for help from Elektroniksigaraevi.co. If you are just starting to use it, decide whether you want a hookah or a cigarette and find out the differences between them.

15. If you are just getting started …

If you are a beginner, definitely get help. Never shop from unreliable sites and choose your liquid well. Beginners can start at high levels of nicotine. However, you may experience problems if you choose a liquid with a very high level of nicotine. So do not forget to make your choice wisely in both the device and the liquid.

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