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Brand: JustFog Model: jstfg-mnft-kartus
JUSTFOG MINIFIT Replacement Pod Cartridges feature a cleverly designed 1.5 mL liquid refillable capsule with a simple sub-fill method for a wide range of delicious SaltNicotine. The atomizer core is integrated into the capsule using an organic cotton 1.6ohm coil which is closed to provide optimum st..
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Model: advkn-manta-rta
Advken Manta RTA Tank Atomizer - 3 / 4.5ml, 4.5 ml capacity (3 ml with spare tube sleeve) is made of stainless steel and glass in a 24 mm diameter warehouse. The convenient top filling system design is suitable for airflow in gold-plated poles and bottom. It can be compatible with different wire typ..
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Brand: Aspire Model: aspre-brze2-coil
The Aspire Breeze 2 The Aspire Breeze 2 is a 2-pod-style mod. These coils are specifically designed for the nic salts and they definitely get the job done! Using the Aspire U-Tech ste U alth shaped airflow, you can be stealthily vape without sacrificing flavor. Each pack comes with 5 coils, so you k..
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Aspire E-Pen Atomizer Aspire E-Pen Atomizer
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Brand: Aspire Model: aspire-e-pen
Aspire E-Pen AtomizerThe electronic cigarette market, where competition is starting to intensify, has been a golden age in recent years as electronic cigarette producers have launched a new product.Aspire has developed this model with positive feedback on the highly acclaimed E-Pen and takes it one ..
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Brand: Aspire Model: asp-ntl07
 ASPİRE NAUTILUS ATOMİZER HEADAspire Nautilus Atomizer head is compatible with the mode devices. 1.8 Ohm is a product you can get the highest vapor. The battery of the device you want to use this atomizer title must be at least 3.3-6 watts or higher. Aspire Nautilus Atomizer the packa..
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Augvape Merlin Mini Atomizer Augvape Merlin Mini Atomizer
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Brand: Smok Model: augvape-merlin-mini
Merlin Mini RTAThe Merlin Mini RTA is an extremely useful atomizer tank that can be reconfigured. This atomizer tank has 2 coil heads that can be reconfigured. Merlin Mini RTA, which is a useful atomizer tank with its steam produced and its amazing body, can be easily used with almost any kind of el..
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Blitzen 2ml Atomizer Glass
In to 2-3 today
Model: claptonwire-coil
Wires ;Fused Clapton Coil 0.45ohmTiger Coil 0.36ohmClapton Coil 0.85ohmFlat Twisted Coil 0.36ohmMix Twisted Coil 0.45ohmQuad Coil 0.36ohmHive Coil 0.50ohmAlien Clapton Coil 0.45ohm..
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Brand: Eleaf Model: eleaf-ec-coil
Uyumlu Modeller :Istick Pico, Lemo 3, iJust 2, iJust 2 Mini, iJust S, Melo 2, Melo 3, Melo 3 Mini & Melo 3 Nano..
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